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27.03.2009 Feature Article

Ghana Constitution

Events around the December Election have convinced me to make suggestions for some fundamental changes in our Constitution. Though I reside in America, I still love Ghana, where I was born, very, very much indeed. The implementation of the 1992 Constitution, so far, has produced a polarized country of two "camps," which distrust each other. Ghana is a relatively "small country." There are barely 25 million of us. We should be able to work together for the good of the country.You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, they say.The EC was given lemon; and they have succeeded in making lemonade from it. -----Who can initiate a referendum?

What do you think of these suggestions below?
1. Elections should be held every six (6) years, instead of four (4); to give the govt. enough time to implement and accomplish their programs. Why did we choose every 4 years, in the first place?

2.. There should be One General Election, and the leader of the Party that obtains most seats in the Parliament should become the President. Then there would be no need for a Run-Off Election. The experience of Kenya and Zimbabwe, and even Liberia, should teach us that Run-off Elections are fraught with danger. The money that would be saved from not having a second election could be used for development!

3. Ministers should be the most knowledgeable people for their ministry, irrespsctive of their political affiliation (like President Obama has done). If an elected member of parliament is appointed a Minister, there should be a bye-election to fill the gap. There should certainly be some one to service the needs of the constituency.

4. The Council of State should be above Party politics! Membership of the Council of State should be for life! Ex-Presidents automatically become members of the Council of State. The President will choose 12 distinguished and illustrious sons and daughters of Ghana for the Council of State.Two or three members could be living outside Ghana. In addition to ordinary meetings, the Council will have a Special Meeting during the first weekend following the Independence Day (6th of March), as follows:---

Friday:-- Members will meet, and present their reports/statements on the state of the Country, Ghana.

Saturday:-- Councillors will meet with the President, Vice-President, and the Ministers and their Deputies, to hear and discuss the reports of Friday.

Sunday:-- A communique will be prepared and signed by the Chairman of the Council of State; and delivered to the President so that it will be publicised throughout the Country.

Kindly see that these suggestions are given THE CONSIDERATION THEY DESERVE; and even give them to The President, and Vice-President and all the MP's, and the Media, for serious consideration. Thank You Very Much.

Sincerely: Carl Alexander-Reindorf, MD, FRCP, FAAP

Carl Alexander-Reindorf
Carl Alexander-Reindorf, © 2009

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