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Accra Is Filthy

By Kingdom Sosu - Ghanaian Chronicle

Although Zoomlion Ghana Limited, a leading waste management company in the country is doing its utmost best to keep the city clean, some unscrupulous citizens seem not to be aware of the need to keep their surroundings tidy.

As one walks around the city of Accra, the experience of a pungent smell that has engulfed the environment, emanating from gutters choked with plastic bags and the rampant refuse disposal, is an eyesore to a national capital that prides itself as the gateway to West Africa.

Most of the waterways are blocked, the sewage system is poor, problems of flooding after rainfall, the existence of stagnant waters which invites mosquitoes, are all but a few of the factors that indict us residents of the capital. As we approach the rainy season, we are watching as to how the appropriate authorities will be up and doing.

During several rounds by The Chronicle's cameraman to some parts of Accra, a serious observation of the situation reminds one about how Dr. Sipa Yankey, Minister of Health, when appearing before the vetting committee outlined his vision to completely eradicate malaria in the country.

Recently, a caterpillar was employed in clearing the filth in

Around the Circle Odaw River area, efforts were being made to clear the huge filth from the river, but the very people for whom the exercise will benefit were seen defecating into the river, whiles the clearing exercise was on-going.

A resident at Odawna, Mr. Anthony Seth Afflo, complained bitterly about the manner in which truck pushers who collect refuse (Bola Boys) at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle area have turned the drains into a dumping site.

He said the people in the area have complained to the Assembly man of the area to stop these acts but to no avail. Mr. Afflo said anytime they try to stop these boys from dumping refuse into the drain, they are insulted and threatened by the boys.

This, according to him, is the cause of the pungent smell that emanates from the gutters, and he advised that if nothing is done, an epidemic might break out.

So Mr. Minister of Health, if you want to achieve your vision of eradicating malaria and other preventable diseases, then you should come to terms with the problem and work together with the AMA authorities to fight this canker.