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25.03.2009 Press Release

VPWA institutes a new approach Eradicate Malaria in Africa

By VPWA - Ghana

Accra, Ghana 25th March 2009. Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA) has instituted an annual month long awareness campaign entitled Kick Malaria Out (KMO), designed to create much-needed awareness on

(1) the rate at which Malaria is killing the West African population, especially children and pregnant women and

(2) measures to prevent and eradicate, if not minimize, the Malaria disease within communities with a special emphasis on educating the population on the need to avoid creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes instead of the usual promotion of nets and repellent for few who can afford.

Campaign KMO will run from August 20 2009 thru September 20 2009 with an outreach by combined volunteers from around the world in the first two weeks, in the following countries: Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, & Liberia.

Campaign KMO will start in Ghana with Volunteers from all segment of society, including medical professionals, students, educators and various professions.

Volunteers will receive a training, conducted by VPWA to facilitate cultural understanding and to teach Volunteers how to address each community i.e. community customs, habits, etc. Volunteers will then be divided into two groups (Volunteer Group A & Group B). A Volunteer Team Leader will be assigned for each group of volunteers.

During the first two weeks of KMO 2009, Volunteer Group A will travel to the countries east of Ghana i.e. Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Volunteer Group B will travel to the countries West of Ghana i.e. Ivory Coast and Liberia. VPWA partner organizations in these countries, will be awaiting the arrival of VPWA volunteer groups to facilitate any community needs. Each group will:

• Conduct community workshops on Malaria by disseminating people-friendly statistical information on the spread of Malaria and providing preventative measures to prevent being infected by the disease

• Conduct clean-up training exercises designed to show communities how to prevent and clear water stagnation which is the breeding source of mosquitoes and caused by a) uneven floor b) clogged drains c) poor gradient of gutters and drains. e) rain accumulation f)overflows g)leakages from pipes h)roof gutters chocked with leaves or silt i)misalignment of rainwater downpipes with elbow joint, resulting in blockages. j) Collected water in discarded receptacles

During the final two weeks of KMO 2009, VPWA partner organizations will extensively continue the outreach in their various countries and carry on with the core objective of KMO campaign and then present a paper to their various local authorities and donor agencies on action plans to support communities in preventing the breed of mosquitoes instead of distributing nets.

VPWA work is based on its commitment to fulfil the UN Millennium Development Goals and thus it defends an integrated approach to sustainable development.

That means that its projects not only aim to lift people out of poverty but also to:

* promote education: VPWA realizes Micro-Finance, Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training for the Poor.

* reduce illiteracy and help to eradicate incidence of child labour.

* advance energy and environmental policies
* strengthen resources to prevent and respond to crisis

* fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases: VPWA aims to sensitize communities on health-related issues including Malaria, HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and Buruli Ulcer.

For more information on KMO 2009, visit

Hayford Siaw
Executive Director/Head of Projects
Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa
+233 24 33 40112
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