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23.03.2009 General News

Anas dares to shred spa director in court

By myjoyonline
Anas dares to shred spa director in court

Ace investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas of the New Crusading Guide, has played down a legal threat issued by a director of a controversial spa in Accra; asking her to back off in her own interest.

The legal expert Madam Evelyn Ankomah said the 'Diplomatic Sex Scandal' story in the March 20 edition of the New Weekend Crusading Guide newspaper, on the Working Girl Wellness Centre at Labone, Accra, was an attempt to tarnish her image and vowed to press legal action against the paper and its reporter for blackmail and defamation.

However, Mr. Anas has called the bluff of Madam Ankomah in an interview with myjoyonline.

“If she tries I will shred her into pieces in court…it will be her biggest humiliation,” he dared her, footing his confidence on a 'hardcore' hour and thirty minutes (1:30) video evidence he has in his possession.

Even though Anas claimed he has been informed that Madam Ankomah is “picking a retreat” he challenged her to put to test her legal acumen because he was prepared to meet her 'boot for boot”, adding the days people of her calibre were "feared" are “over”.

Asked about the rationale behind that particular story, Anas told myjoyonline since prostitution is illegal in Ghana and for such an institution to engage in activities amounting to prostitution, it should be of interest to “any journalist worth his salt".

“As an investigative journalist”, he reminded: “This is purely good news item and of societal benefit.”

He rebutted claims that the story was plotted to tarnish the hard-won reputation of Madam Ankomah, who is the executive director of Africa Legal Aid.

The blackmailing claims, Anas opined, were just diversionary tactics being orchestrated by managers of the embattled spa. He denied outright that he was working for the interest of a particular individual. “Was I paid by someone to do the soldier bar story, Chinese sex scandal and the Eurofood story?” he asked rhetorically.

He therefore prayed her to stick to the substantive issue of whether the 'extra duties' at the spa do not amount to criminality.

Meanwhile, information reaching myjoyonline indicates that the Working Girl Wellness Centre at the centre of controversy has been closed down.

On his next line of action, Anas promised to bring to light “a lot of horrible things happening in this country,” brought on by the advent of westernization.

Story by Isaac Essel