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22.03.2009 Religion

Christians urged to see fasting and prayer as “weapons”

By gna

Apostle C.K. Attipoe of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) on Sunday said fasting and faithful prayers constitute the unfailing “weapons” that Christians must use to overcome their challenges.

Giving the assurance in a sermon at a thanksgiving service of the Ho Central branch of the Church, he said friends, relatives and others would fail people unless they resort to the instruments of prayer and fasting.

“Be steadfast in fasting and prayers and nothing would overcome you. No machinations could destroy you,” Apostle Attipoe said using the Old Testament biblical account of how Mordechai and his compatriots in the book of Esther resorted to fasting and prayers to overcome the machinations of Haman.

“Avoid envy and jealousy because they are instruments of self destruction,” he warned.

He said instead it was by donning the garment of “faithful prayers and fasting, that every secret would be revealed,” Apostle Attipoe noted.