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21.03.2009 Press Release

Job seekers warned of bogus jobs in Ghana

By Cynthia Balana Philippine Daily Inquirer

By Cynthia Balana
Philippine Daily Inquirer
MANILA, Philippines—The Consulate of Ghana on Saturday warned Filipino job seekers about bogus companies offering nonexistent work in the African country.

In a statement, Ghana's honorary consul Ramon Abad said that because of its strong economy, Ghana is fast becoming a center of migration in Africa.

As a result, offers of employment in the country abound, especially through the Internet, and more often than they not scams, he said.

“These companies, which mostly hire directly by e-mail, offer salaries that are extremely beyond the normal rates, along with benefits that are too good to be true,” Abad said.

He said that when applicants sign up, they are asked to shell out money for the processing of visas, travel, work and residence permits, and other documents.

Some even charge a “diplomatic services fee” for a Ghanian official to personally come to the Philippines to stamp their visa and deliver their travel documents, he said.

Abad said the only legitimate issuer of visas for Ghana is its consulate in the Philippines.

He said that those who have been offered jobs in Ghana should call the Ghana consulate at telephone number 387-4932 or e-mail [email protected] to verify if the companies recruiting them are legitimate.