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21.03.2009 Politics

New Ga group supports Kufuor

By The Chronicle
New Ga group supports Kufuor

A group calling itself Ga-Dangme Forward Movement has jumped into the defence of the former President, Mr. John Agyekum Kufuor, over the controversy that surrounded his acquisition of an office facility located at Ridge.

According to the group, the tantrums of the Ga-Dangme Youth expressing their misgivings about the use of public property as office of the ex-President smacks of hypocrisy and a political motivation.

"We see this action by the so-called Ga-Dangme Youth as parochial, politically motivated and unfortunate because it lacks merit and has no legal basis," adding that the vituperation against Mr. Kufuor should be condemned.

"They cannot speak for the silent majority of the Ga-Dangme chiefs and people which includes us, because they don't have our mandate."

Addressing a news conference yesterday, Mr. Daniel Nii Titus Glover, the spokesperson for the group stated that contrary to a number of things done by Mr. Kufuor, not only to the Ga-Dangme people but the nation at large, he was being treated in an unfair manner.

"Ex-President Kufuor has done so much for the Ga-Dangme people, in particular and the nation at large. We rather encourage our brothers of the so-called Ga-Dangme Youth to ask President Mills to emulate the good deeds ex-president Kufuor had done for Ga-Dangme.

He urged people to appreciate the good deeds of the former President instead of subjecting him to unnecessary attacks prevailed upon them to allow to be lured by politicians.

Mr. GIover was flanked by Hon. Emmanuel Adjei Boye, Mr.Ben Sam Sowah, Mr. Boye Laryea, Niibi Ayi-Bonte and a host of others said the amount of invectives hurled on Mr. Kufuor by the so-called Ga-Dangme Youth led by Mr. Prince Derrick Adjei, on several radio stations amounted to total disrespect to the elderly and indicated that the members of the Ga-Dangme Forward Movement totally disassociate themselves from their action.

Reading political meanings into their action after tracing the political lineage of the members of the Ga-Dangme youth, Mr. Titus Glover said, "We are of the firm opinion that President Mills and the NDC are behind this action as part of the grand scheme to demonise the Ex-President."

Accusing the NDC of deceiving the Ga-Dangme with the promises to return all the Ga lands during the campaign season, the spokesperson challenged the NDC administration to come out clean and tell the nation which of the Ga-Dangme lands that they would release to the original owners.

According to them what beats their imagination was that the so-called Ga-Dangme Youth failed to make comments of the location of the residence of the former President, Ft Lt. Jerry John Rawlings but rather vented their anger on Mr. Kufuor, saying, the so called Ga-Dangme Youth think the NDC government would fulfill their campaign promise to release Cantonment and Ridge lands to their original owners, then they must be living in a fool's paradise."

"As Ga-Dangmes, we should continue to co-exist peacefully with our fellow Ghanaians to promote unity and national cohesion. We are not by any stretch of imagination saying that Ga-Dangme citizens should not champion the fight for the release of our lands by government. But our actions should be guided by maturity, wisdom, respect and the rule of law.

According to them, the nation is governed by the laws and anybody who felt aggrieved or cheated should resort to the law courts for redress.