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21.03.2009 General News

GIBA Calls For Review Of Broadcating Law

By ISD (Elvis Adjei-Baah)
The President of Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Alhasan Haruna has called for the need to review some few hiccups contained in the Ghana Broadcasting Law to make it easy for the broadcasting industry to grow.
The President made these remarks when a 3-member delegation, yesterday, paid a courtesy call on the Information Minister, Mrs Sabah Zita Okaikoi in Accra.
The visit was also to officially welcome and congratulate her on her appointment and to inform the Minister of GIBA's support in carrying out the aspirations of the Government.
 Mr Alhasan Haruna, who is also the Deputy CEO of Metro TV, noted that the law, which provides guidelines on media and broadcasting issues, should be looked at again to ensure that there are equal opportunities for both the local and the foreign networks who are operating in the country.
The GIBA President emphasised the need for the law to be abreast with time 'since technology is growing'. It is in this way, that GIBA can expand and that 'the ability to expand should not be stifled by a law', he added.
The GIBA President was particularly worried about a clause in the broadcasting law that stipulates that an individual can only own one radio station, citing that even in the developed countries, a person can own both print and electronic media.
The Deputy CEO was also worried about the difficulty in expanding into other countries.  He Entreated the National Media Commission to help them enter into foreign markets to sell Ghana and its culture in the same way as other foreign networks enter into the Ghanaian market, noting that GIBA also has the capacity to operate beyond the shores of Ghana.
The Vice President of GIBA and the Director of Crystal TV, Chief Paul Crystal Djirackor was concerned with the timeframe given for broadcasters worldwide to migrate from Analogue to Digital. He said, broadcasters should work hard to beat the 2015 date set for all broadcasters worldwide to move to Digital.
In her response, Mrs Zita assured the Association's of Government commitment to create a conducive atmosphere for all local industries to grow.
She said the President recognises the important role of the media in the development of the nation and promised to carry the concerns of GIBA to the appropriate authorities for redress.
The Information Minister was however not happy with the contents of some TV networks. She decried the proliferation of foreign Soap Operas that have taken over screens of most TV station. She said such programmes have the potential to discourage the younger generation of embracing their culture.
The Minister therefore urged GIBA to come up with Ghanaian programmes that are interesting, attractive and educative while limiting foreign programmes on screens and showing them at the appropriate time.