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21.03.2009 Feature Article

NPP Cohorts Starting To Play Dirty

First it was Kwaku Baako, the villainous stooge of the NPP who also doubles as the staunchest defender of ex-President Kufour who came out swinging after President Mills has warned some elements of the minority party (NPP) for threatening to take the law into their own hands. Kwaku Baako who claims to know everything under the sun has the penchant for attacking Rawlings at every opportunity he gets when even the issue does not concern the former president. It was reported by the Peace FM that Kwaku Baako asked President Mills to rather warn Rawlings instead of the minority which threatened to take the law into their hands if nothing is done about the supposed “insecurity” in the country.

Mr. Baako who strangely changed the name of his battered newspaper from Crusading Guide to New Crusading Guide days after the swearing-in of President Mills has still not come to terms with the fact that in spite of all his lies, schemes, screaming at Radio and TV Stations, being sponsored numerous of times by the NPP to go abroad to seek bogus information about Rawlings and discrediting of the NDC, the NPP failed to win the last elections.

In fact this guy Baako is still dazed and probably thinks the NPP is still in power which is why he is at it again. Baako the clown is back to square one with his bogus documents which has not done any good to the NPP and to a larger extent Ghana . His spurious predictions of the last elections, praise singing and see no wrong attitude which did not help the NPP still did not put any sense into his head for him to change his attitude and offer constructive suggestions and criticisms that can help Ghana to move forward.

Just after Baako has had his 10 cents media attention by attacking Rawlings instead of the issue of the day, enter the world's most renowned political prostitute that Ghana has ever produced; Frances Asiam. She also came batting that President Mills cannot threaten Ghanaians when in fact the president's reaction was in response to threats issued by the NPP..

It would be recalled that Ms. Asiam who changes party affiliation like she changes her shoes jumped onto the NPP bandwagon months before the last general election when she realized that she has been duped by Dr. Obed Asamoah to leave the NDC. In fact word has it that Ms. Asiam regretted leaving the NDC because she soon realized that Dr. Asamoah's Democratic Freedom Party did not have any legs let alone the national capacity to make any impact in the general elections. But to have some form of financial security and clout, Ms. Asiam made the distasteful political calculation and followed the heels of Maame Dorkono by jumping to the “Burning Train” of defeated presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo.

It seems the NPP desperately needs people so much so that Ms. Asiam is suddenly being referred to as a leading member of the party. But something also caught my eyes. Ms. Asiam is also a leading member of the Coalition of Democratic Forces. I bet that this lady whose accolade is Ghana 's leading Political Prostitute of Our Time would join every single party or political coalition in Ghana before the end of this decade.

As if we have not heard enough of the NPP nonsense after President Mills held the press conference, another member of the party who is famously known in political circles as the Most Arrogant Self-Seeking Politician, Asamoah Boateng (Alias Kokonte Minister) also started making some empty noise.

Boateng who went underground following the defeat of the NPP has suddenly found his voice to come and attack President Mills. If he has anything good to offer Boateng should rather advice his NPP folks to stop issuing threats since they are the party which continues to claim that they believe in the rule of law.

If a party believes in the rule of law why would its members issue threats that they would advice themselves? President Mills is right by issuing that stern warning. Many in the NPP camp are taking the president's coolness as his weakness, thus resorting to pronouncements that do not augur well for the country.

The Republican Party in the United States is a party in disarray having lost both houses and the White House. As a result, the Republicans are bent on seeing President Obama fail which is why instead of helping the new president to fix the ailing U.S. economy, all what they do is to criticize him and the Democrats at every turn of events. It seems the NPP is taking a cue from the Republicans and doing the same thing in Ghana .

Ghanaians are watching them and their activities. The NPP is habouring a false notion that they would come to power in four years, which is why they have stepped up their attacks which I believe would not work.

I believe when President Mills is done with filling all the important positions and get the country running, everything would fall in place and the good people of Ghana would see something different. There is a saying that every good thing in life is worth waiting for, that is why President Mills is taking his time to put things in better perspective for the good of the country.

Since Ghanaians gave Kufour all the goodwill that he needed to settle down when he won the elections back in 2000, I do not see why they would not extend the same goodwill to President Mills for him to set things in motion. I still have the strongest conviction that President Mills would not fail Ghanaians and the NPP folks know that this man is capable of doing something great for this country. We live to see.

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Ekua Kwansema
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