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19.03.2009 Feature Article


Joris Wattermberg, a man I find impossible to attach an appropriate title, be it a professor, doctor, lawyer, scientist et cetera only God knows.

This man believe it or not has disproved one of the laws of the great scientist; Sir Isaac Newton (the law of gravitation). I believe he did it single headedly. Whether or not people understand the basis of his disapproval of the great scientist, I doubt. Even with the in-depth physics I learnt back at senior high school, I still find it extremely difficult to understand some of the concepts he used in his disapproval of Sir Isaac Newton.

This same man believe you me has envisage that the world is coming to an end in barely three years. What is surprising is that he has specified the date to be 21st December 2012. This according to him is not a prediction but a certainty and would by hook or crook come true. According to him, he came about this date through calculations. I am not in the best position to lay down his findings since I do not understand them myself.

The one question I ask myself is that should we believe this man or not. This is the one reason why I decided to write this article.

People disregard this man for a number of reasons:

Some claim that since he came about this date through calculations, he should be ignored. They claim that Jesus Christ himself said he was not perfect how more a mortal man.

Some also are quick to point out that God been merciful will not allow such a thing to happen to his creation. They relate this to a story in the Golden Book about Jonah. I am not going to bore any one with the story since we hear it day in and day out from pastors.

Some also profess that his way of life does not depict a man who knows that the end is near. They aver that he still lives in clover and is nonchalant. They say that when Noah in the Bible was warned about the great flood, he left everything and went to work to build the ark. This they say Joris is not doing.

Nevertheless, I find good reasons why this man should be believed;

For any obliteration by God Almighty of any generation, it is always revealed to a man. This could undoubtedly be Joris Wattemberg.

This man, I am made to believe, predicted the worlds economic down turn a year before it came to pass. I therefore believe him when he says that the world is coming to a stand still.

This man is not only glued to his scientific findings but also relates to the Bible very well. All his concepts are been related to the Bible. This alone should be enough to clear the minds of the doubting Thomases.

More to the point, considering the recent happenings in the world, it shows clearly that the world is coming to an end. The numerous tsunamis, earth quakes, wild bush fires, prolific political instabilities, wars, increasing intelligence of the human race, just to mention but a few are the events spilled out in the Bible to be signs of the end time.

Comparing the two sides of the argument, I strongly believe that this man should be believed. There is nothing wide of the mark in believing. After all one professor said that it is better to believe in God than not so that if there is no God, one does not perish on the judgement day.

Let's all believe this man and repent our sins so that if after all it turns out to be fictitious, we have nothing to lose but all to gain.

God have mercy on thy poor servants.

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Dennis Gookyi
Dennis Gookyi, © 2009

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