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19.03.2009 Feature Article

Arrest the dollar?

Arrest the dollar?

This is in response to the recent article by a group of NPP youth activist tasking President Mills to arrest the dollar rather than concentrating on the retrieval of State properties from some individuals of the past administration. It is interesting to hear that from the youth activist of NPP. Sometimes I think in our attempt to safeguard the image of our political followers, we turn to behave like ostriches and bury our heads in the dust even when they are at fault. To avoid a boomerang effect, we should sometime do our best to advise our admirers when there is the need to do so rather than justifying their unmerited conduct. How can the dollar be arrested when some individuals of the past administration including the ex. President himself are not willing to return state properties they are supposed to relinquish to the current administration for smooth running of government business? I think Richard Mensah and his followers should have known in simple economic terms the implications of Kuffour taken those BMW cars would have had on the economy. What that means is another huge sum of money would be needed for the acquisition of same BMWs for the state which in effect will put pressure on the country's spending. I hope you are aware those cars are not manufactured in Ghana? This means Ghana is going to boast the economy of the country where those BMWs would have been purchased from at the expense of our economy! You think the dollar can be arrested through 'artificial' stabilization? A country ought to be prudent in her expenditure among other things before that country's currency could be stabilized, and that is exactly what President Mills is doing.

Why should ex- prez. Kuffour take home those cars which belong to the presidency and expect the new administration to secure new funds for same security oriented cars? It is important to know that the dollar cannot be arrested whilst the state is openly been looted by some members of the past administration. This ought to be checked! It is not political witch-hunting! But rather sign of honesty in leadership, sign of someone who is ready to fight corruption and a sign of prudent management of the few state resources at their disposal to propel the country to practically arrest the dollar. I think ex-prez. Kuffour in the first place shouldn't have taken those vehicles if he really car for Millions of people who cannot even afford to get basic necessities to live dignified life in many parts of the country. This is a disgrace! I know for sure that ex. prez. Kuffour (Senior Amanfoo as past Prempeh College student as I am) could purchase for himself a car or cars to his desire taken into consideration his position as a past president and even before he became the head of sate. Is it because Ex. Prez Rawlings is said to have taken some state cars for himself when leaving office? In fact I was very flabbergasted when I heard the ex. Prez spoke person Frank Agyekum justifying ex Prez Kuffour's action of going away with the three luxurious BMV cars by referring to the fact that ex. President Rawlings did the same thing when leaving office. Why was I surprised? I was surprised because I thought NPP would change their communication strategy by stopping to always comparing their deeds to the deeds of Mr. Rawlings after losing the 2008 elections in spite of the all time sophisticated campaign they conducted. It is time for NPP to realize that the constant use of ex. prez. Rawlings as a baseline in their performance caused them their disgraceful defeat at Tain in the just ended election in spite of all the goodwill they had before. The NPP always blaming Rawlings whenever they are found wanting is just like Africans and for that matter Ghanaians constantly attributing their entire bad economic situation to Slave trade and colonization at the expense of serious internal problems. Frank Agyekum's justification that Rawlings did the same so Kuffour should also repeat it is a disgrace not only to the sympathizers of the party but the ex. prez Kuffour himself. So Jerry bi thief and Kuffour too bi 'thief'. Ino bi so?

Now, if Rawlings did it and Kuffour too wants to follow his predecessor, I know for sure that Prez Mills will not do that. It is clear that he will not do that that is why he is demanding those cars. He has committed himself by asking for those cars. By doing so he is sending a good signal that he is not going to repeat that greedy and disgraceful act by the two predecessors.

To the NPP youth activist, do you want to know the answer to this statement you made? I mean statement:

"The dollar, which hitherto was trailing the local currency by some pesewas, has seen an appreciable increase within the past 60 days against the cedi, with a dollar going for 1.40Gp". It is the cause of the misplaced priorities, opulent lifestyle, mismanagement, corruption by the past NPP administration. After awarding themselves with medals, building presidential palace while many cannot get good drinking water, no electricity, poor health care system, bad road network and many others, NPP members still want to ruin the country even when they are out of power. Tofiakwa! This will not happen because this new administration would have to account to Ghanaians at the end of their term.

Yes, the dollar needs to be arrested after it has been messed up by the just ended administration. Nevertheless, those State properties ought to be retrieved. By retrieving them, couple with other prudent measures the Cedis will definitely arrest the dollar. Contrary, the dollar will never be arrested while some greedy individuals are aggressively draining the few resources belonging to the State.

Collins Armah
Collins Armah, © 2009

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