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17.03.2009 Social News

Chief binges on alcohol, khebab Leaves incest victim to Pastor's rituals

By The Statesman

Whilst some traditional rulers in Ghana crave for greater responsibilities in development and communal stability, including Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, others are moving nation backwards by their selfish and reckless attitude to life.

 The latest in the spate of such irresponsible leadership has occurred in Assin Atonsu which is gradually gaining notoriety for incestuous relationships whilst police, the church, community leaders and traditional authorities look on unconcerned.

Although aware of the case and the identity of the alleged perpetrators, police in the town have failed to take any action.

Not surprisingly, the people of Assin Atonsu, near Assin Fosu in the Central Region, are bewildered as to why their Chief and the elders of the town have condoned that act of criminality that had occurred right under their nose months ago.

Investigations by the Statesman revealed that last year, around September, Yao Ahiato a.k.a Efo Yao, a farm labourer at Assin Atonsu, who was working on the farmstead of a high-profile farmer, had an affair with his 13 year-old step daughter, Rebecca, on the farm.

When the news broke, the Chief and elders summoned Efo Yao to the Palace where he (suspect) admitted the offence indicating that the act has been a regular affair.

According to the Chief and his elders, including the Queenmother, in order to pacify the gods, they felt compelled to demand two rams and four bottles of schnapps from Efo Yao. Besides, Efo Yao was made to apologize to his wife and Rebecca for committing that crime.

 The culprit, finding relief in this arrangement, quickly did the bidding of the traditional elders and provided the ram and the drinks - as well as apologized to the wife.

Reliable source close to the Chief, who took part in the settling of the matter, told The Statesman that it was also agreed by the more sober elements among the members of the traditional council that Efo Yao be subsequently reported to the Police, in spite of the fine. But that was not to be, owing to the sense of guilt that clouded the ruling.

Aside of that, investigations conducted by this paper point to the fears that Efo Yao may be 'spiritually' too powerful for anyone to handle and therefore could not dare to report to the issue to the police.

What is more worrying is that though the police personnel in the town seem to be aware of the incident, they have failed to arrest Efo Yao perhaps due to the fact that nobody has officially reported the case at the Police Station.

Interestingly, a local evangelical Pastor [name withheld] has added more fire to the raging controversy by offering a religious solution to the problem.

He gave sanctuary to Efo Yao by keeping him in his prayer camp under the pretext of interceding for both victim and perpetrator and redeeming them from their sins.

Both victim and perpetrator are currently holed up his Prayer Camp on the

In a related development, The Statesman has gathered that another incest has been committed in the same village, this time, by a Veterinary Officer..

This public servant has had two kids with his own daughter. The wife has since deserted the husband and her daughter.