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17.03.2009 Religion

Essence of fasting is the focus on God and not self denial - Rev. Nyame

By gna

The Reverend Obeng Nyame of the Adweso Circuit of the Methodist Church, has observed that the essence of fasting is the focus on God and not the material self denial.

He has, therefore, called on all Christians to join the annual Christians ritual of Lent, which normally precede Easter by focusing on God and engaging in constant prayers.

Rev. Nyame was delivering the sermon on the third Sunday of Lent at the Adweso Calvary Methodist Church, near Koforidua.

He said there were examples of different forms of fasting in the Bible and cited the example of Daniel who fasted on leaves and John the Baptist who fasted on locust and honey.

Rev. Nyame urged Christians who for health reasons could not deny themselves food to take their food to be able to take their drugs but participate in the activities of the lent by focusing on the Lord in prayers which is the most important aspect of the Lent.

Rev. Nyame, who preached on the theme “Understanding the Cross,” observed that, Christians who understand the essence of the Cross of Jesus Christ could have salvation and healing without anybody stretching his hand to pray over them.

He explained that understanding of the essence of the Cross did not mean that Christians would have every thing smooth sailing in life.

However, those who want to fight for the goodness of society could suffer humiliation and prosecution but in the end, would be glorified.