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17.03.2009 Regional News

Parents express shock at discipline in SHS in Ho

By gna

Some parents and guardians of students in two senior high schools in Ho, OLA Girls and Mawuli, have expressed worry about indiscipline in those schools.

They blamed the authorities of the two schools for the situation arguing that students who before entering those schools were disciplined have become wayward.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency about the laissez faire atmosphere in OLA Girls' Senior High School a middle aged woman exclaimed “this is strange”.

“During our time only visitors known to be related to students are allowed to visit them with permission from school authorities - not the way these girls are embracing boys and men who probably are not known to their parents.”

A man who identified himself to the GNA as Charles said the laxity in discipline in senior high schools in the Ho Municipality contrasted sharply with what he experienced in another school outside the Volta Region where his daughter attends school.

He said he was made to wait for quite some time while the authorities sought confirmation of his relationship with his daughter.

Charles said though he saw his daughter at a reasonable distance they could not talk to each other until his relationship with her was established.

A source at Mawuli School told the GNA that the School once noted for discipline is now out of control.

He said students decide when to go to classes and how they should be dressed to classes.

“The School has stopped providing students with house dresses so it is common to see students in dresses they bring from home,” the source said.

Mr David Afudego, Headmaster of Mawuli School, denied that the school environment was promoting student indiscipline.

He said some students had developed deviant behaviour which the school authorities were trying to correct.

Mr Afudego said some parents often brought their children to the school improperly dressed.

A tutor of OLA Senior High School who spoke to the GNA in the absence of the headmistress and her assistant said OLA has visiting days which some of the students abuse by inviting their boyfriends.

There is total discipline on “ordinary days” he said and urged parents to establish strong foundations of discipline in their children to make it much easier for school authorities to build upon.