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14.03.2009 General News


By Frank Kofi Owusu Debrah

If you had been optimistic and had hoped for a better week; a week dominated by the most important issues affecting the Ghanaian populace, then I believe you must have been disappointed with what we got through the media this week. Waw! it been interesting just like many other weeks. It had it own ups and downs, the ugly and the nice, the boos and the cheers and above all the incredible opinions of us all.

The new “prosecutor” of the Appointments Committee of Ghana's Parliament; Hon. Atta Akyea kicked us into motion with his unabated assault on the nomination Fiifi “Conman” Kweetey. His evidence; that the formal propagandalist used his 'setting the records straight” platform to maligned the “Kukurudu” fraternity based on untold lies and deceipt. In any case, I didn't know that 'O' Level could last for eight years because a certain headmaster used his “krakyi powers” to belittle Fiifi's intelegience and academic capabilities, ha Ghana!! Anyway, the prosecutor's evidence is now under scrutiny because an important material subject matter; Abu Mohammed has suddenly surfaced with a certain disability to support the accuse but the prosecutor decided to shift to post; the witness' disability was not a footprint of the “Osono” as was claimed by the accuse but a reminder of one of the hallmarks of our transportation system; accident. What next can we expect?

Reminiscent of the immediate past, some “Umbrella” mafia who are not aware of the “Asomodwehene's” new deal, went on an airforce chartered flight to Cote d'Ivoire to clap their hands for the local Black Stars. Unitl they went, the Stars were unstoppable but in the final match for which the flight was chartered, the Stars developed cold feet and lost. The flight came back with all the champagne still on ice. Kwesi “Masa” Platt was pissed off because his fraternity left him behind. Kwesi, don't worr, we shall reignite the “we no go sit down” campaign and get them to include us in the presidential press corp. If you thought renovating Mr. Kufour's private residence with a certain farmer's money was unethical, then that of the chartered flight sponsored by Kwasi Bonsu of Agoo Magazine should give us something to think about. Anyway, what happened to the champagne that were repatriated? Am just curious to know.

We didn't get any “Boom” jabs from his “Jerryship” but that concerning the “Gentlegiant” showed no intention of settling down. First, Mr Kufour was asked to return part of his ex-gratia award; three top of the class BMWs, which we are being told are part of the presidential fleet. In the ensuing spectacle, we are also being told that, Mr Kufour has rejected the placements offered by the government. Who knows, may be he is planning to mobilize some unnamed friends and family to procure flashy and security tight ones for him just like that of Mr Rawlings some years back. As if that was not enough, the man who governed the country from his private residence apparently refused to same for his own private business, instead he has occpied a government bungalow. If you are looking for wonders, don't look further because “yewo pii wo ha”. Honestly, Frank Agyekum should spare Mr Kufour the embarrassment by speaking clearly and from an informed position. As it is turning out to be, the bungalow was not “acquired” as he said earlier on but it's supposedly being used with a written request by his boss. However, it's not clear if the request was granted. Be it as it may, I think the “award winner” should be left alone to enjoy his spoil. The Ga-Dangme youth should hold their peace and leave him alone.

I thought we were to be concerned with the speech of President Mills, but Hon. Dominic Nitiwul of Bimbilla thinks otherwise. He thinks the president's eye sight is defective, hence the large size of the font of his written speeches. The “Asomdwehene” is under siege to come clear or he, Nitiwul will raise the issue on the floor of parliament. However, the honourable should also know that the differenciated font sizes are might precisely for this situation. For his information, the Governor of New York State; Gov. David Paterson is medically blind but he is working efficiently. If he has a problem with public expenditure on the president's eyecare, I suggest he can take a look at the medical bills of politicians on government expenditure list including that of the immediate past; he came to power without medical spectacles but worn one by the time he exited. His call for the eyes of the president to be examined is thumps up but the disclosure of expenditure is absurb, to say the least. Frankly, the rumbling and stumbling speeches by the president is becoming an embarrassment. From swearing-in to state of the nation's address to independence day, the president has laboured with his speeches. The first of the John's was articulate, the second could be forgiven but this third John is becoming a apology to his background.

Frank Kofi Owusu Debrah
Politecnico di Milano
Milano, Italy