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12.03.2009 Politics

Scramble for Tamale MCE

By Daily Guide
Scramble for Tamale  MCE

Aseidu Nketia, NDC Gen Secretary THE QUESTION of who becomes the next Mayor of Tamale, after Mohammed Amin Adam Anta, has started developing cracks among the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Northern region. 

The scramble for the appointment as Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) is not only generating serious rivalry and animosity among the over 20 NDC applicants but creating tension in the wake of the already volatile situation in the region, DAILY GUIDE's investigations uncovered.  

While a section of party supporters within the Tamale North constituency think it is their turn to occupy the position after both Tamale North and Central constituencies have taken their turns, others think otherwise.  

According to our information, persons who occupied the seat as mayors since 1992 to 2000 were either from Tamale south or central without consideration to applicants from Tamale North, who have also been faithful to the party.

 Senior party kingpins, DAILY GUIDE gathered, had fielded their faithfuls and were seriously lobbying to ensure that they were given the nod. Unfortunately, this degenerated into verbal attacks amongst the applicants and in some instances, nearly ended in fisticuffs.

This follows the open disclosure by some applicants that they were reliably informed they were the obvious choice even before the committee arrived in the region.

A deep-throat source revealed to DAILY GUIDE that three persons were short listed to meet the interview panel and be forwarded to the Castle for the final choice. But the rest raised red flags and threatened to demonstrate, accusing some key persons for their exclusion and describing their treatment as unfair.  

The vetting committee, in a bid to conduct an incident-free interview, rescinded its initial decision of inviting only the three favorites but extend it to the over 20 applicants from all the three constituencies within the metropolis.  

Despite this, some concerns are still been raised about the eligibility and competence of some of the three applicants tipped for the position.  

Many, our investigations reveal, are unhappy with the involvement of senior party stalwarts, who are taking their own interests into consideration in the selection of the position; and are secretly planning a protest march to express their dissatisfaction if such persons are appointed.  

Separate interviews with certain persons in the Tamale North constituency who pleaded anonymity all expressed ill feelings about the way the party hierarchy was going about the appointment.

To them it was right for the appointments body to be fair in its dealings rather than showing bias in the constituency which has over the years remained committed to the party just like all the others.

Hanan Raman Gundaado; Presiding Member of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, Alhaji Abdulai Haruna Friday; Northern Regional Secretary of the NDC and Abdul Sallam; Tamale North Constituency Secretary, DAILY GUIDE gathered, have been penciled as favorites for the position.   

The three, our sources added, would attend the interview as a mere formality after which their names would now be forwarded to the seat of government for final consideration.

Meanwhile the vetting committee, led by Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu for MM/DCEs, on Tuesday arrived in the region to interview the over 200 applicants at the Northern Regional Coordinating Council (RCC).

 As at press time applicants for the newly-carved Chereponi district were being interviewed.  

Applicants for Tamale, officials hinted, would be the last to meet the committee on Thursday. Some party members are however calling on the applicants to behave maturely in order not to bring about violence which can easily destroy the party in the city.

From Stephen Zoure, Tamale