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12.03.2009 Letter

Kudos Koku

By Desire L. Ankah,
Kudos Koku

Mr. Koku Anyidoho, the former communications director of the then candidate Mills' campaign is no stranger to NDC Virginia. The executives and members of this august Chapter wish to first and foremost thank him for his selfless devotion and dedication to the cause of the NDC and for that matter Ghana by articulating and disseminating the manifesto and agenda of the NDC to the good people of Ghana, an act that saw the election of Professor Mills to oversee the affairs of the country for the next four years. His work is reminiscent of Robert Gibbs who headed the communications team of the then Senator Obama's bid for the US Presidency. Undoubtedly President Obama sees it expedient to appoint him as his Press Secretary to help (continue to) circulate his policies to the American people.

It is therefore no surprise to NDC Virginia and all well meaning Ghanaians that Mr. Koku Anyidoho has been appointed as President John Evans Atta Mills' Communication Director. We the members and the executives of NDC Virginia and for that matter the people of Ghana, have no doubt that Mr. Anyidoho will excel in his quest to bringing the government to the doorstep of the ordinary Ghanaians by expressly (and in real-time, when necessary) disseminating government policies and programs to the good people of Ghana. If the people should disagree with the government on an issue, with Koku's patience and expertise, he will take time to explain to the people the governments' intentions. In so doing he will help clarify issues, that otherwise might be confusing, and hence bring the people closer to their government to curb any mistrusts and perceived seclusions.

We therefore urge you, Koku, not to give in to detractors but direct all your efforts, faculties and activities towards working for the people, as you demonstrated during the Presidential Campaign, by totally and absolutely ignoring the detractors whose tactics is to divert your attention from the service to the good people of Ghana and turn round to call you a failure! Already we are noticing an unhealthy trend that is gradually developing to engage you in bickering and untoward distractions. The detractors knows your 'pedigree' and the invaluable way you contributed to the success of President Mills' bid for the presidency, despite the odds, and would do anything possible to see you fail this time round. Good you made it clear you are not going to engage in such back and forth. It takes two to tango!

NDC Virginia and all your friends here in the Washington DC area therefore congratulate you on your appointment as President Mills' Communications Director. We pledge you our unceasing and relentless support in making Ghana a better place for all Ghanaians and in so doing contribute our quota to making the world a better place.

Long live NDC, from Victory unto Victory, and God Bless our Homeland Ghana.

By Desire L. Ankah,
[email protected]
(Secretary, NDC Virginia)

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