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11.03.2009 General News

Pump Mechanics Assoc. Inaugurated

Pump Mechanics Assoc. Inaugurated

A 40-member Area Pump Mechanics Association drawn from the Northern Region has been inaugurated at Yendi in the  Northern Region.

The five executive members are Jeremiah Issah, chairman, Issah Zakari, Secretary, Castro Baba Mohammed, organising secretary with Adam Abdulai, and Peter Nanija, as members.

In his inaugural address, the Yendi Municipal Co-ordinating Director, Alhaji Mohammed Asibi Azonko, commended the area pump mechanics for coming together to form the association to ensure that the pumps in their communities are always maintained and sustained for the provision of potable water for their people.

Alhaji Azonko urged them to encourage their colleagues to form similar associations, adding that the programme could be extended to the entire country. He advised them to try and  uphold the image of the association for it to grow and be sustained.

 Alhaji Azonko stated that there was the need for them to educate their communities to cultivate the maintenance culture so that all the water facilities and other projects provided for them would last for their children to benefit.

Alhaji Azonko said some years back, Sang in the Yendi Municipal Assembly was a guinea worm endemic area but with the mechanised boreholes in place, they are sure of bringing the guinea worm cases to the barest minimum by the end of the year.

In his address, the Chief Executive Officer of the Church of Christ Rural Water Development Project, Mr. Nathaniel Nii Sasah Adams said for over 20 years, the Church of Christ Rural Water Development Project (COCRWDP) had been at the forefront of providing potable water for rural communities.

He expressed their appreciation to the overlord of Dagbon and government officials for the support.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Regent of Dagbon Kanpakuya Na Yakubu Abdulai Andani congratulated the association for their inauguration and urged them to continue with their unity and hardwork to sustain the water system in their rural communities.

The Yendi Municipal Water and Sanitation Team Leader, Mr Shani Mahama, said there cannot be meaningful sustainability of water points without putting the area mechanics in a centre stage.