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11.03.2009 NPP News

NDC youth defend Mumuni…Accuse NPP of attempting to make the nation ungovernable

By Bismark Bebli - Ghanaian Chronicle
NDC youth defend Mumuni…Accuse NPP of attempting to make the nation ungovernable

SOME MEMBERS of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have jumped to the defence of Hon. Alhaji Muhammed Mumuni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration over the Forensic Audit Report, accusing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of doing everything possible to make the nation ungovernable.

Describing the action against Mumuni as a contrived one, the NDC Youth Group averred that the NPP was still behaving as if the party is still in power with sinister motives to frustrate the current government.

“Now in opposition and the giant trail of corruption, graft, drug trafficking and the outright looting of the national treasury hanging on them, the NPP has resorted to a doomed strategy to unsettle the new NDC administration with the ultimate objective of making the country ungovernable”.

Addressing a news conference in Accra yesterday, the spokesperson for the Concerned Youth of NDC, Mr. Abukari Ridwan, reminded the NPP, Baffour Awuah and Associates as well as the Alliance for Accountable Governance to desist from their futile attempts to spit at the sky, when they will only end up soiling their faces.

According the group, the case against Hon. Mumuni was contrived by the NPP in collaboration with the auditors to divert the nation's attention and even run away from their own shadows.

“The contrived case against Hon. Alhaji Mohamead Mumuni is just a straw that they are bent on clinging on to, in order to divert the attention of the Mills administration away from the important duty of governing the country and implementing the promises made in the NDC manifesto,” the group noted.

According to him, NPP and its functionaries harboured the false hope that by orchestrating such contrived charges against prominent members of the NDC at the least opportunity, 'they will stall any process at prosecuting all those who have looted the state coffers during the eight long years of Kufuor's administration.

According to him, the forensic audit contained some infantile howlers that its authors even failed to locate easily available and basic correspondences that could have fundamentally altered their conclusions.

Mr. Ridwan was of the view that on eve of the report, when the Minister went to get records from his former Ministry, then headed by Hon. Yaw Barimah, the office was burgled and the Central Processing Unit of the computer, together with backups were stolen and up till now, the perpetrators have never been found.

To them, such a move was unusual and an attempt to nail Mumuni. “The coincidence of these events is indeed very unusual, and the only rational conclusion we can contrive is this part of the clumsy conspiracy to erase crucial evidence which would expose the sinister plans of the conspirators.”

He continued, “If indeed the spiders in the web of this NPP-sponsored conspiracy really believe in the veracity of the allegations of criminal conduct against Hon. Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, why did they not avail themselves of the opportunity of their eight year tenure in office, during which the politics of vindictiveness was their main trademark?”

The Concerned NDC youth argued that during the eight years of what they described as 'oppressive rule', the NPP searched the files of former NDC ministers and other functionaries.

Mr. Ridwan noted, “This was in the wicked hope of finding evidence of malfeasance with which they could execute the sinister agenda to strangulate the NDC out of existence, through law suits as loudly proclaimed by J.H. Mensah in the early days of the NPP administration and diligently executed by Messrs Baffour Awuah and Associates.

The press conference, which was attended by some Dagomba Chiefs residing in Ashaiman and Madina, and Dr. Alhaji Yahunda, a lecturer at the University of Ghana among others, the NDC Youth alleged that it was not surprising for them to witness the current brouhaha coming out against the Minister as a result of the recommendations of the Baffour Awuah and Associates. “It was not surprising that it was this same auditing firm which was used in the vindictive pursuit of Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata. It has also been linked to the hunting of such NDC members as Mr. Dan Abodakpi and others.”

The NDC youth appealed to President Mills to ignore all the actions of the NPP to divert his attention from governing the nation. “We are by this statement calling on His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills to ignore these diversionary antics of the NPP opposition and concentrate on the onerous task of responding to the legitimate aspirations of the masses of the Ghanaian people, who gave him and the National Democratic Congress their mandate in the hope that they will be delivered from the squalor that the NPP government inflicted upon them over eight years of misrule.

Pledging their unflinching support to the Foreign Minister, Mr. Ridwan urged President Mills to take immediate steps to bring to book those fringe elements of the New Patriotic Party who have still not come to terms with the fact that they lost the 2008 elections and are carrying themselves about as if they still control the government.