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10.03.2009 Regional News



The Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ho East Presbytery Church Choirs have staged a union in Klefe on Sunday, February 22, 2009. The rally gathered about 96 congregations from the Ho East diocese of the E.P Church.

The 3-day rally which started from Friday, February 20th run through Saturday into Sunday, February 22, 2009 with a thanks-giving service to climax it all at the premises of the E.P Church in Klefe in the Ho Central Constituency of the Volta Region. It was under the theme; “Proclaiming The Gospel Thro' Singing”. Being the 5th anniversary, celebrated annually the rally was geared towards the purchase of a 33-seater bus for the Ho East Presbytery Church Choirs.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Richard Tumfuo, President of the Ho East Presbytery Church Choirs Union says, “it is rewarding to sing praises unto the Lord because it serves as a token of appreciation for what he has been doing for us”. He also said that, singing does not serve as a token of appreciation to God but also another means through which Christians communicate with God and more so, singing is food for the soul in times of depression. He urged all members of the group that, to be unified as Christians and portray acceptable but enviable moral standards in community to win more souls for Christ Jesus, than putting up behaviours that will scare people away from them. Ho however concluded that, the 33-seater bus when bus when bought will be of great benefit to the Union since it will help co-ordinate activities, effectively and geographically.

Meanwhile, the past Moderator of the E.P Church, the Very Rt. Rev., J.Y. Ledo (Former) who also graced the occasion appealed to the President, Prof. John E.A Mills that he should let God be the chief warden during his term of office and administration, because Ghanaians have confided in him that is why he has been given the mantle to rule the country. He urged him to serve the nation tirelessly and deliver on his promises and stated in his manifesto.

He again advised him to cooperate with the various religious, social, government as well as the national security agencies to clamp down activities of criminology in order to bring peace into the country because, “a nation without peace benefits nothing but under-development”. Adding, he supports the idea of making the birthday of Dr. Nkrumah a national holiday since “a nation which does honour its heroes is not worth dying for”. Further, he seconded the idea of a National day for all religious bodies and pointed out frantically that, Ghanaians should not think it will be a waste of another day by making it a holiday. Concluding his statement, he appealed to all Ghanaians to give Prof. Mills a breathing space so that he can concentrate on his administration than criticizing him unprofitably for not quickening development for “a thousand miles begin with only a foot-step”.

The 8-hour programme realized an amount of GH¢6,800 which will be used to purchase a 33-seater bus for the Ho East Presbytery Church Choirs Union.

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