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08.03.2009 Feature Article

NPP Should Put Kufuor on Trial !!! - say's Politician

A Populist Politician and former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng (Kwame Mayor) has appealed to the New Patriotic Party (NPP); the brave people of Ghana and especially Asanteman Council chaired by Nananom and "Super King", Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, to put former President John Agyekum Kufuor before a "People's Court" for allegedly conspiring with former Military Junta Leader Jerry John Rawlings in 2000 to hand-over power to >NDC continuos rule; and also, causing "Financial Loss" to NPP in terms of being chiefly responsible for the Party's defeat and finally, leaving Ghanaians especially residents of Kumasi (whether they are innocent Asantes; our brothers and sisters who are innocent Ewes, innocent Fantes, innocent Dagombas, innocent Frafras, innocent Akyems, innocent Kwahus, innocent Brongs, innocent Akwapems, innocent Hausas, to mention but a few --- at the mercy of Political Terrorists such as those who kidnapped "Appiah Stadium" and set his car ablaze !!!.

"There was probably a secret agreement between Kufuor and Rawlings in 2000 that required former President Kufuor to cool tensions in the Country, and rule for two terms and thereafter, hand over to Rawlings' >NDC government", the "People's Mayor", who is [contemplating] joining the NDC, pointed out with reasonable suspicion.

"Former President Kufuor was a member of the PNDC and the "Presidential Ball" continuos to pass from one Rawlings man to another Rawlings' man", said the Political Scholar who has asked Ghanaians to use their brains to vote for CPP in future elections instead of NDC and NPP.

The Pro-American "People's Politician" said that since Ghana is not well equiped to fight terrorists, those who have terrorized NPP or NDC or CPP Party members or any Ghanaian period, should be extradited to the United States for trial.

"The United States does not need permission from anybody or any government to bombard Terrorists' targets", the Pro-American Politician, a former [un-paid] volunteer for United States President Barack Obama warned Political Terrorists, as he asked NDC and NPP to tolerate each other and live in peace.

The Celebrated Politician is [still] asking Ghana to extradite a Police Supervisor at the Patasi Police Depot who assaulted him immediately after the 2008 elections because of his affiliation with the CPP.

"I filed a complaint with the Ashanti Regional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kwaku Ayesu Opare and submitted a copy of my complaint to the CPP".

"Nothing has been done to the Terrorist and so-called "Police Supervisor" located at the Kumasi Patasi Police Depot who disgraced himself and his uniform by assaulting me", said the 2008 CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency who has vowed to file a complaint with the United Nations and with all the powerful agencies of United States and Allied Democratic Forces if the Police Officer who "savagely" assaulted him is not brought to face Justice in a Court of Law.

"Shamefully, the CPP has not publicly condemned the "savagely" assault on me even though the Police Supervisor cited my political affiliation as the reason for assaulting me.

" I submitted a copy of my written complaint to CPP Ashanti Regional Secretariat; an electronic copy to CPP's official email; an electronic copy to the attention of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, an electronic copy to CPP U.K. & Ireland and electronic copies to Ghana's News Media"

" Some elements don't care about Human Rights and that is why Africa is still not free from the savagery committed by their own kind", said the Larger than Life Human Rights and Civil Rights Activist who for years, has utilized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Peaceful (Non-Violent) yet consistent and radical means to shame the conscience of Kufuor and Rawlings - if they have any conscience at all.

The Human Rights Crusader threw a bombshell by saying that he has reason to suspect that (some), but not all the Media establishments in Ghana, including Websites are collaborators with certain forces to kill the virtues of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty.

"Have some of these News Media or News Websites received bribe to silence "Intellectual Contributers" like Professor Kwame Ahoofe Okuampa, Esi Kwesima, Amma Obenewaa or Kwame Mayor ?", asked the Voice for the Voiceless who has asked the United States and Allied Democratic Forces to tie Financial Aid or Grants to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression which former President John Agyekum Kufuor did very well - except that he abused State Power to terroze me "Kwame Mayor" and stole several of my powerful ideas as his "Mafia Dogs" like Stephen Asamoah-Boateng (Asaabe) terrorized me.

Meanwhile, the former Ghanaian-American Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate - (turned 2004 and 2008 CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency in Kumasi, Ashanti Region), "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Appiah Boateng --- (arguing that it would be the best interest of Ghana to deepen National Reconciliation and also, it would be NDC's [own] best interest to tap him, (a CPP member) as Kumasi Mayor since voters in Kumasi, Ashanti Region retaliated against the NPP in the 2008 Presidential elections as a result of KMA's policies under the leadership of an [NPP] appointee) --- has publicly offered to return from the United States of America to serve as Kumasi Mayor under President John Evans Atta Mills' government --- pledging on his popular Campaign Website : WWW.KwameforPresident.Com to utilize his "powerful political connections" in the United States of America to help the [whole] of Ghana, irrespective of geographical, tribal or ethnic affiliation and --- to turn Ghana's Second Largest City, Kumasi into another American City with Towering or High Rise Office Buildings; Electric Powered Fast Trains, "State of the Art" Freeways, a "Model International Airport in Kumasi similar to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)"; a "Model Disneyland-Safari" similar to DisneyLand in the City of Anaheim, USA --- the Happiest Place on Earth; a "Model Universal Studio"; a "Model Magic Mountain"; a Model Baldwin Hills or Beverly Hills' type of Shopping Malls; Fast Foods Restaurants like Burger King and MacDonald in Kumasi to (complement rich Ghanaian foods); and above all, to pursuade American Industries and Businesses to relocate to Ghana.

The self-described "Political Re-incarnation of Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah" --- Great Grandson of Kumasi or Asante Adonteng Puduo Royals from Bamang, near the famous Kente weaving Town of Bonwire whose very biological ancestors led Asante wars against Colonialism and Imperialism perpetuated on African soil by "Our White Brothers and Sisters in England", asked His Excellency President John Atta Mills to conduct a "Special Referandum" in Kumasi to find out whether the masses themselves want him to be their Mayor - predicting that majority of Kumasi residents, especially the Youth and Students would definately prefer him as their "People's Mayor".

The Politician who is officially listed as one of President Barack Obama's [unpaid] volunteers during Obama's historic entry into the U.S. Presidential race", publicly informed His Excellency, President John Atta Mills' government and Ghanaians in general that in lieu of the Kumasi Mayorial position, he is willing to serve the Nation as Ghana's Ambassador to the United States of America; an Ambassador to any African Country; a Roving Ambassador; Trade Envoy to America; Europe and Asia or a Consultant at Ghana's Ministries of Finance, Tourism, Education or Local Government, etc.

As a matter of Morality and Ethics, "Ghana Owes Me a Big Debt" since several of my powerful ideas implemented by the government of former President John Agyekum Kufuor are benefitting all Ghanaians.

" Intellectually, I am the architect of several published ideas implemented by former President John Agyekum Kufuor's government) - Powerful ideas which have tremendously benefited Ghana, (for example : My Platform that called for the "Importation of South Africa's Model of "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" to Ghana --- (which I personally gave to President Kufuor in 2000, in Los Angeles, California in the presence of several Eye-Witnesses) - before he (Mr. Kufuor) became President of Ghana); Erection of Statutes for the Martyred Judges; My registered mail to the office of President John Agyekum Kufuor and published news that called for Voting Rights for Ghanaians living abroad; my public call and published news in for example, Ghana's Daily Graphic that called for Cash Transfer to the Poor to ensure Equity, my public call; registered letter to the office of President John Agyekum Kufuor, as well as published news to revive Dr. Nkrumah's original idea of a Continental African Union Government and to establish a United African States (UAS); my public call and published news to build "State of the Art Presidential Palace in Ghana to attract Tourism like the White House", my public call and published news that urged Ghana to enter into the age of "Civilian Nuclear Power", my public call and published news that called for Annual Yaa Asantewaa Festival to remind Ghanaians of the African struggle against Colonialism and Imperialism, my public call and published news that urged Ghana to recognise her Heroes and Heroines - (which logically prompted Kufuor's administration to institute awards for the "Nation's Heroes and Heroines"), etc, etc.

The Firebrand Politician blamed former President John Agyekum Kufuor for failing to tap him for Kumasi Mayor and / or failing to appoint him to serve in his administration after systematically stealing several of his (Kwame Mayor's) strategic ideas and accused the disgraced former Minister Stephen Asamoah-Boateng (Asaabe), Kwame Mayor's School Mate at "Great Koss" for viciously and satanically sabotaging him due to the greediness, insecurity, lack of self confidence and lack of self esteem on the part of Stephen Asamoah-Boateng ("Asaabe") who, apart from being a former Minister, acted as an "Informant" or "Spy" for former President Kufuor.

"Just because of food, Asaabe turned his brother into an enemy", the Iconic Politician sang the Legendary Bob Marley's Immortal Lyrics.

"Nobody commits [evil] deeds against me, "Osagyefo Dr" Kwame Mayor and dare think that he can get away free !!!", warned the Pro-American and Celebrated Human Rights and Civil Rights Activist, reverred by both African -American and Liberal White American supporters as "America's Mandela", who once fearlessly fought back against a [few] Political Terrorists --- (the "Cowardly Enemies of America; Cowardly Enemies of Freedom and Cowardly Enemies of Liberty") in America who used all available tools of a Super Power to oppress, torture and persecute him ---

The Politician with International following says he [still] sincerely thanks "Brave American People" and the Civilized White House Government under President Bill Clinton which once ordered the Justice Department to investigate allegations of persecution and torture committed against the first Ghanaian- born to (SYMBOLICALLY) make a political statement in America as a former Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles or the first indigenous African to (SYMBOLICALLY) run for a higher public office in the history of America - since America gained her independence in 1776.

The Civil Rights Activist who utilizes the same Peaceful / Non-Violent approach that Mahatma Gandhi; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela believed in, asked Ghanaians to put their shoes in his to enable them feel the years of injustice he has endured, especially, under the government of former President John Agyekum Kufuor.

" If a government, such as that of former President John Agyekum Kufuor, through its State Powers terrorizes you by subjecting you into years of persecution and un-precedented mis-treatment similar to "Death by Slow Starvation", what will you do ?, the Politician asked Ghanaians and the International Community.

"Kufuor should thank God Almighty that I chose to return his evil deeds with the power of a mere pen !!!", said the Politician.

" Former President Kufuor committed "State-Sponsored Terrorism" against me and although I am willing to forgive, "I dare not forget !!!".

The Charismatic Politician and member of the CPP who rose into Iconoclastic status in Ghana's political arena by honestly criticising Kufuor, Rawlings and Boakye Djan equally said he has a strong feeling that God has asked him to forgive but "dare not forget !!!".

"In Africa and other developing Countries, many Politicians like former President Kufuor take political criticisms personally", remarked the alumnus of the proverbial School for "Super Stars" - the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) and anticipated Ph.D. Student in Political Science at the equally prestigious Claremont Graduate University.

" I don't know about His Excellency, President John Evans Atta Mills but I definately know about former President John Agyekum Kufuor who is not accustomed to America's style of "Sound-bite Politics".

Former President Kufuor chose the description and condemnation of the Martyred Nigeria's Human Rights Activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa who said that the "Best of the Black Man is Evil".

"A reasonable government would rather have Kwame Mayor on his side or Kwame Mayor outside fighting back with his pen".

"Kufuor lacked the political maturity to deal with his political opponents and in the end, things fell apart"

"My time will come and the Stone that was rejected, shall become the head of the Cornestone", Kwame Mayor, who once threatened to drag Kufuor, J.J. and Boakye Djan to Antoa Shrine Deity turned Biblical which truly reflects him.

" I am a nice Person as one of America's Newspapers, the Sacramento Union once quoted former Sacramento Mayor Anne Rudin and former City Councilman - turned California Secretary of Health and Human Services as well as some of the Cabinet members of former Governor Deukmejian administration - about me, in a story captioned "First Foreign Intern at City Hall, Ghanaian Inquisitive about Government...."

"Yes, it is indeed the Gospel Truth that "Kwame Mayor" is a nice person, but to my Political detractors, you dare not turn evil against this brother", else "Things will surely fall apart !!!", the Politician, who is very popular among CPP, NDC and NPP supporters quoted the Living Legendary, Chinua Achebe.

Source : Uhuru Times

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