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08.03.2009 Africa

Madagascan opposition leader not to show in public


Madagascan opposition leader Andry Rajoelina said on Saturday that he would not show himself in public anti-government demonstrations.

"I can not directly and publicly expose myself with the people, " Andry Rajoelina through in a telephone interview with in his private television station channel, Viva, Saturday evening.

Rajoelina claimed that, thanks to his private detective, he learned that Israeli and South African mercenaries, whose mission was to arrest him dead or alive, were currently in the capital city.

Rajoelina said that the anti-government demonstration would be continued under the leadership of his transitional government led by Monja Roindefo, the prime minister of the government he proclaimed earlier in February.

The opposition leader told his supporters that he was safe in a secured place where these foreign mercenaries could not enter.

He urged his supporters not to stop the anti-government activities that began last December.

Rajoelina did not show himself since last Wednesday when the armed troops sealed off all roads to and from the city center, where the opposition normally called mass gatherings for the dismissal of the government led by Marc Ravalomanana.

President Ravalomanana ordered the armed forces last Wednesday to fulfil their duty to restore peace and security in the mountainous capital city.

Since then, Antananarivo was in fact semi-paralyzed with shops and businesses activities came to a halt after lunch time due to the seal-off of all roads to and from the city center.