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08.03.2009 Feature Article


This noble town of ours has paid its dues.
Nsawam as has brought up many prominent people. Being vocal is something people from this town,Nsawam lack or should I say the Akuapem oriented folks. Nsawam is well noted for the only maximum security prison on the premises of the community. It sometime times sound as though all bad people hail from Nsawam. Nsawam use to be the place of great commercial activities,however due to circumstances beyond everyone's control this marvelous town is depreciating and the almighty God is the only one who can save this town.

We were once proud of companies like Panelectric,Ghanacan,SCOA,UAC,Blue factory(Rekitt and Coleman) etc etc. This was a town that had many beautiful roads that linked its suburbs but all have been left to decay now.

Oh people of Nsawam we have been following all political parties but we have all forgotten that with the putting down of our feet we could regenerate this once vibrant and promising city of ours.

Let me send you down memory lane,does anyone of you recollect the collapse of the bridge on the Densu river. This led to the collapse of the transportation from southern to its northern counterpart.

This great town Nsawam has produced many scholars,however because a huge chunk of us do not hail from the town we tend to neglect and abandon the town and set our tents

elsewhere. If we are able to generate our own taxes,we can change our own destiny.

Let us put our taxes on all cars crossing Nsawam city to other towns for the environmental hazards they create for us. Beposo in the Central Region takes taxes on the Pra River therefore it is possible that tolls could be taken on the Densu bridge.

There is the need for Members of Parliament to be Nsawam-bred folks.

Is it not about time that these two big towns (Nsawam and Aburi) become constituencies on their own instead of being fused together?

Sometimes I wonder when are streets get deteriorated and the highways officials leaving in those zones and communities look on unconcerned.

My genuine thoughts are that Nsawam is bigger than any man,however we need to wake up as a people and take our rightful position in society and not to be seen as only bread sellers. All true citizens and sons and daughters of the land wake up .

Source: Akokoshito
( Nsawam Empowerment)

Thomas Arthur
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