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08.03.2009 Diaspora (USA)



We write with joy for the excellent work done by all party faithful after a hectic transitional period in opposition for eight years. Your sacrifices have not been in vain “A mind full of conviction is always eager to succeed”.Your effort and dedication has translated your aspirations into a reality.

Bravo! All Akatamansonian.
However, the task ahead is not going to be easy at all, we can not be complacent in any way after this splendid victory ,therefore, all folks and party faithful are once again reminded to keep up the Akatamanso spirit burning with a innovative sense of compromise to reach out to more people.

Lest we forget, the opposition (NPP) lost the presidency by some 0.46% of total valid votes cast in 2008, and 2012 general elections is just at the corner, as we remain a formidable front, we are once again advised ahead of future general elections to double our effort to ensure another victory is achieved, but this could be possible by collective effort of all.

As the NDC government assumes the reins of the nation, we call on the leadership of the party, especially the National Executive Committee, Council of elders of the party, Ministers, all NDC MPs and all Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives to be, not to abandon the back rock of the party (the youth) whom with all vigor in circumstances that made their work bitter and unbearable during the campaigning period, worked tirelessly ensuring all stones were left unturned hence winning the elections. This same forces should one way or other be made feel they really belongs to the Akatamanso family and see for themselves that their toil has not been in vain. In any political organization, the youth is the galvanizing force to reckon on, without them, the faith of such organization is at stake.

Remember, the opposition party (NPP) was voted out of power in 2008 at the time they were perceived to be doing well in governance, they totally lost touch with their youth wing of the party and also ignored the warning at its own peril, and this should be a cautious clue for our Akatamanso party. In politics it is about doing the right thing rather than considering what the other side will say, so we urge the hierarchy of the NDC to do the right thing by ensuring the youth wing of the party is giving all deserved attention.

It is paramount for the party to unite and forge ahead. This should be the first step for reorganizing the party from grassroots' level. Diaspora branches are also reminded to reorganize the structures of the party and win more souls for the Akatamanso family

Karl Mark Arhin -Cuba (Coordinator NDC LAT. AME. &CRBNS.)