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07.03.2009 Feature Article

Mumuni was not found guilty in court

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He sent a newspaper to court to stop libelous publications against him. The court did not rule in his favor but that ruling doesn't prove anything negative against him.

He is not an ex convict and he has never been prosecuted by any govt, so people should stop blowing hot air.

Those the NPP govt thought were guilty were prosecuted in court.

Why did the NPP govt not put the so called audit report b4 parliament?

Alhaji mumuni only found publications about him in the daily guide in 2003 and went to court to stop them from publishing the those UNPROVED reports.

What did the court wait till 2009 b4 passing a ruling?

The court has not found him guilty of anything. It only gives the newspaper licence to publish unconfirmed audit reports.

These are the facts OUR RESEARCH have shown.

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