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07.03.2009 Tragedy

2 Bodies Dumped In Gutter

By Daily Guide

The lifeless body of the man in a gutter The bodies of two young men have been retrieved from gutters in Accra this week under peculiar circumstances.   Surprisingly, while the lifeless body of one of the men suspected to be in his late twenties was being removed from a gutter in the early hours of Thursday at the Odorkor Official Town, near Addy Junction, another body had attracted attention at the Neoplan Station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra.

The naked body, with a blood stained wounds in the head, chest and limbs was spotted in the gutter in front of the Macedonia Methodist Church, Odorkor.

A woman, who was returning from early morning church service, used her cover cloth to hide the nakedness of the man who was not readily identified.

Curious passersby were attracted to the scene with various postulations being made about the unknown dead person. Some people were of the view that the man was killed elsewhere and the body dumped in the gutter, while others suspected that he might have been a thief who got killed.

However residents said he did not live in the area, while those who lived in kiosks located about a few meters from the gutter, said they did not hear any disturbances throughout the night.

The Odorkor Police were expected to launch investigations into the matter.

Traders and pedestrians around the Neoplan Station on Thursday also witnessed the gory scene of a lifeless male body floating in the Odaw River.

A swarm of curious bystanders feasted their eyes on the limbs of the suspected body with various speculations making the rounds.

When DAILY GUIDE reached the crime scene, at about 8:30 am, speculations were rife that the body was that of a suspected mobile phone thief.

Speaking to Collins Takyi, a trader who sells male waist belts on the foot bridge that links the Neoplan Station to the Circle-Kaneshie Station, he said the body was spotted by some traders in the early hours of the morning. He said a scream of “is that not the hand of a man in the water” by one of them attracted attention.   

Because the body was buried in the somewhat stagnant water that is obstructed by refuse it was difficult for on-lookers to make out the body but a careful look revealed the limb and the shirt floating in the water.

While others suspected it to be the body of someone who had been killed and dumped in the gutter, others claimed they could recognize the body as a mobile phone thief who has been snatching cell phones in the area.

A driver at the Circle-Kaneshie Station told DAILY GUIDE that he had called the Odwana Police and that they were waiting for the body to be removed from the river.

The body was later removed from the drain.
By Emelia Ennin Abbey