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06.03.2009 General News

Adaklu Lion Fighter In Critical Condition

By Daily Guide

THE CHIEF of Adaklu Workpe, Torgbe Dzamesi II who sustained severe injuries after an alleged attack by a lion, is currently in critical condition, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.  

When DAILY GUIDE visited the victim yesterday at the Volta Regional Hospital where he was admitted about a week ago, the chief could not talk to this reporter like he did in the early days of the incident but rather resorted to sign language which could barely be understood.

According to a medical officer at the hospital who spoke on condition of anonymity, the chief could not talk because his condition had worsened in the past three days.  

According to the official, Torgbe Dzamesi's jaws are now “locked”; a situation that makes it difficult for him to talk, eat or drink.

Again, his neck had stiffened and some parts of the body especially the legs had swelled. He was also reported to have lost blood but an official says he had received a good amount of blood via transfusion.

A relative told this paper that the family was worried about the chief's deteriorating condition. “When the incident happened and he was sent to the hospital, he did not look so bad. His situation is very terrible but we are looking up to God to save him,” he said.

Meanwhile a group of young men from Workpe and its surrounding areas who stormed the forest about a week ago in search of the said lion that had attacked the chief of the small farming community and devoured some of its cattle had given up.

Isaac Dzamesi, a member of the search team and a son of the chief, told DAILY GUIDE that they gave up the search because they could no longer trace any clues.

According to him, unlike the initial stages where they saw some signs of the lion, such as its footprints and resting places, “we cannot see any fresh signs now”.

Isaac said the only option they have now is to be vigilant and constantly armed whenever they are in the bush or even at home as the entire village is situation in the middle of a forest.

He noted that they are also worried about their children who walk through the bush for about fifteen km to Kpogadzi to attend school.

He also explained that “until we find the lion, normal daily activities might no longer be as active as they used to be.”

Readers would recall that DAILY GUIDE in its February 23 edition published reports of an alleged attack on the chief of Adaklu Workpe, a small community in the Adaklu Anyigbe District.

In the said report, the chief allegedly struggled with the lion for about ten minutes when he went to his farmland in the company of his two children and sustained severe wounds on his left arm, left eye and his legs.

Subsequent reports by this paper also indicated that, the youth of the village and its surrounding areas went on a search for the lion which as at press time had yielded no result forcing the search team to give up.

From Wise Donkor, Ho