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05.03.2009 General News

Pressure group disappointed about the lack of recognition of heroes


Ga Dangme Youth Association, a pressure group in the Greater Accra Region, on Wednesday expressed disappointment at the seeming lack of interest by the nation in remembering its heroes.

A statement signed by Nii Marma Marquaye, Vice President of the association, said “The lack of commensurate national recognition of the contribution of Sergeant Adjetey and his colleagues who struggled for independence is only marched by the neglect of Amon Kotei, who crafted the Coat of Arms”.

It said the originator of the Coat of Arms, the highest symbol of authority of Ghana, its sovereignty, the presidency and currency, has not been given a token recognition by the State.

The statement applauded the Government for its commitment to the release of Ga Dangme lands to the people.

It, however, cautioned that chiefs and traditional councils of Ga Dangme must be made to render accounts of land and other resources and the stewardship before any release or return of lands to them.

The statement said “We call on the President of Ghana to freeze and curtail the activities of chiefs with questionable status immediately and prevent them from holding and exercising functions in that capacity either in the disposal of lands or holding of durbars and commemoration of festivals that could lead to the disturbance of peace in their communities”.

It urged the President to return lands in the La Wireless, Airport City, Cantonments, Ridge and other government acquired lands, which by the actions of the previous government deemed to be no longer conforming to the original purpose for which they were acquired.