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05.03.2009 Business & Finance

Former cadres are assets, not liabilities


We can never go back to the old days when the ordinary people were mere followers of leaders, and had No right to participate in leadership at all. The days when rural communities were pinned down to the position of everlasting dependence on unfulfilled promises of politicians, the sardine days of sweet-tongued members of parliament are gone forever, because Jerry Rawlings' NO NONSENSE revolutions of June 4, 1979 and December 31, 1981 have awakened Ghanaians politically.

We are social democrats; we are for the poor, so get involved. That was the main reason why Ghanaians chopped the stolen monies dished out to them, by the deceitful government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the parliamentary and presidential elections, and voted against them.

Those former cadres, still in the party structures, are rather ASSETS and NOT threats to the NDC. It is a fact that most cadres were fed up and lost hope and finally decided NOT to have anything to do with the NDC, which they suffered to bring to power only to be neglected, but there are still some committed cadres in the NDC contributing to the success of the party, and must be congratulated, and NOT sidelined or looked down upon or even under-rated, but some constituency party chairmen have arrogated to themselves the underserved powers to appoint their own friends, who lost their seats as candidates. Instead of sitting down to ponder over their defeat at the polls, they rather try to find fault with the few dedicated cadres within their constituencies, by inciting party supporters against these poor cadres, with the main aim of destroying their hard won reputations, I am sorry, you can't behave this way and tell people that you are practicing democracy.

This is NOT FAIR. This is happening in most constituencies, and must be stopped now.

Do they think a cadre will ever sit down for such characters to destroy him, in order to project themselves as SAINTS and describe the cadre as a DEVIL? I am using the pages of this newspaper to warn those constituency chairmen, who behave that way, that they have NO RIGHT whatsoever to appoint parliamentary candidates, and INSIST that whoever opposes their chosen candidates would be dealt with.

This clause is nowhere in the party's constitution, and we cannot sit down for such chairmen to destroy the party with their dictatorship, dear reader, if you doubt it, go and ask NPP members and let them tell you whether they are now happy to be in opposition today – 2009, because they never thought of a day like this. Am I lying?

No constituency chairman has the RIGHT to openly say that my chosen candidate must be supported by all executive members of the constituency, and anyone who disagrees with him must be implicated in cooked-up stories, labeled as a demon or a rabble rouser, confusionist, and exposed to party supporters as somebody who is rather there to destroy the party, simply because he is a no-nonsense cadre and will NEVER kowtow to the dictates of a power hungry constituency chairman, who wants his chosen candidate to always go un-challenged, un-opposed in every election, which is in complete disregard for the party's constitution.

For this to take place in any constituency where cadres are around, can never ever happen, because it can't work, I mean, it will NOT simply work- keep your fingers crossed dear reader, coming events cast their shadows, so when investigations are completed, I will give you an example of a particular constituency where some two or three people want to HIJACK a whole constituency, and have formed a MAFIA with the main aim of destroying people, notably cadres, in order to project themselves.

Are they NOT JOKERS? Can they ever silence a cadre who was bred, and trained thoroughly, to speak out without fear or favour by Rawlings? Any party member, who contested the parliamentary primaries for the 2008 elections, as well as those who showed interest to contest, are all true party members and must be supported.

I can now state with CONFIDENCE, and with ALL authority at my disposal, and with the powers of the NDC party constitution, that the IMPOSITION of parliamentary candidates by some constituency chairman have been ABOLISHED, and MUST remain ABOLISHED forever and ever-Amen.

The NDC has given a RED CARD to this ANOMALY, so whoever tries to re-establish in any constituency must be made to ANSWER for it, and be severely dealt with for the party to remain UNITED, DEMOCRATIC, DYNAMIC, and FOCUSSED to move Ghana forward – apologies to the NPP.

With the victory of the NDC, wolves in sheep skin, fifth columnists, professional opportunists, confusionists and even planted NPP moles, would rush to the NDC, because the NPP is still dizzy and could NOT believe their ears about what they heard and are still hearing, that Prof. Evans Fiifi Atta Mills has really won the 2008 elections, and is Now the President of the Republic of Ghana, instead of Nana Akufo-Addo – THE BIG WINNER.

The NPP imposed candidates and lost their seats to independent candidates at Bekwai and Nkawkaw, etc. Clement Sangaparee - Obuasi