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05.03.2009 Business & Finance

3E Quantum to deepen human resource development in Ghana … With PRINCE 2 Project Management Methodology training & certification

By Daniel Nonor ([email protected]) - Ghanaian Chronicle

3E Quantum Associates Business Management consulting firm, specialized in Human Resource Development and Corporate training in Ghana, in partnership with Visionet Systems, a U.K based training organisation, has acquired the country's first accreditation to offer one of the world's best recognized Project Management Training, dubbed PRINCE 2.

PRINCE 2, which means 'Project In Controlled Environment 2',is a process based approach for project management and provides an easily tailored and scaleable method for the management of all kinds of projects, and widely used by the British government and the private sector all over Europe, according to the Country Manager of Visionet Systems, Mr. Martin Ofori-Atta.

Mr. Ivan Sosa Parada, the International Business Development Executive of 3E Quantum has stated that although Ghana is highly recognized as one of Africa's most developed countries, it is still in dire need of a skilled labour force to help push forward its development agenda.

He noted that a report of the World Bank, the National Council for Tertiary Education and the National Accreditation Board reiterated that Ghana needed a well performing labour to meet the demands of the global competition.

He emphasized that bringing this training and the certification, which is based on PRINCE2 methodology directly to Ghana, would afford the country a world class tool to its qualified professionals and top level companies.

He intimated that with Ghana's recent oil find and its associate opportunities that come with it, Ghana would need to develop its human resource base if the citizenry are to benefit from the much talked about gains that the project brings.

He also said in addition to the service for PRINCE 2, 3E Quantum offers an additional programme designed to give training in particular areas that are considered to be critical by top companies, in order to reach effective work performance of starting young professional and young adults from the tertiary institutions.

He said the format of the programme will be adjusted to the experience that the company has acquired during its active last ten years in the field of Human Resources by combining highly effective learning tools to effectively work on existing capacity building activities.

He reiterated that skilled managers and professional project management is of incredible importance for the development of the country's economy.

“By designing and delivering these services, 3E Quantum is taking an active leadership role in this process, acknowledging its responsibility and proposing solutions to narrow the gap in the market”.

He hinted that the company will hold an open day session in April this year, to share ideas and experiences with the business and professional community in the country.