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04.03.2009 Crime & Punishment

Parents of defiled teenage sisters in remand for alleged extortion

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The Parents of two teenage sisters allegedly defiled in Police custody at Vakpo have been remanded in prison custody for extorting money from families of suspects.

A source close to Mr and Mrs Kenneth Asamoah, parents of the teenagers, told the Ghana News Agency that the two are in separate prisons in Kpando and Ho, respectively, for allegedly extorting 450 Ghana cedis from families of the suspects.

The source said shortly after the incident came to public attention in the media, parents of the suspects approached Mr and Mrs Asamoah and offered them money for treatment of complications and requested that the case be settled at home.

It said Mr and Mrs Asamoah said they could not settle the matter at home because of its criminal nature.

They, however, received the money to offset medical bills of the girls.

The source said days later, the Police questioned the girls, who insisted that they had been defiled.

The source said the parents of the victims were subsequently arrested by the Police for extorting money from the parents of the suspects in order to settle the matter at home.

Mr and Mrs Asamoah, who were refused bail, have been scheduled to appear in court in Kpando on March 9, 2009.

GNA investigations indicate that the three suspects including the Policeman on duty during the act have been granted bail.

The two teenage sisters were allegedly defiled at the Vakpo Police Station by two men while in Police cells.

A Policeman identified as Asare then on duty reportedly ignored the call by the girls to come to their rescue.

Mr Asamoah subsequently reported the incident to the Kpando branch of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).