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03.03.2009 International

'Miracle' Lad, 9, Is 'Messiah' Healer

By Daily Guide
'Miracle' Lad, 9, Is 'Messiah' Healer

Mohammad Ponari, 9 A BOY of nine is being hailed as a “Messiah” after allegedly performing miracle healings.

Villagers claim Mohammad Ponari has cured raging fevers and debilitating illnesses — and even made a mute boy talk again.

At least 5,000 pilgrims a day now flock to be treated with Mohammad's tonic — made by dipping a “magic stone” in water.

But Muslim leaders in Indonesia want to shut his “clinic” after four people died in a stampede.

The lad is said to have discovered his gift after he was hit by lightning.

He became convinced that an egg-shaped stone he found next to him had healing powers.

Police chief Sutikno told how he saw Mohammad cure the mute boy in Balongsari, East Java, saying: “Ponari shook him and they started fighting, then he began to talk.” TheSun