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02.03.2009 General News

GBC staff declare support for D-G

By Ghanaian Times
GBC staff declare support for D-G

The local workers union of the nation's premier broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), has called on their colleagues to stop spreading rumours and falsehood about the corporation.

It described as unfortunate, attempts by some of its workers to demean its Director-General, William Ampem Darko, in the name of politics.

“What we want you to tell the world is how bad our salaries are, and not tarnish the image of hard working people in the name of politics,” it said.

At a durbar to react to a news item in a local newspaper, which sought to portray Mr Ampem-Darko as “a bootlicker in whom the workers have lost confidence” and therefore called for his dismissal, the union said the publication “was most untrue and does not reflect the sentiments of the entire workforce.”

Led by its national chairman, Louis Darko, the union described the current DG as one of the most efficient the corporation has had in a very long time.

It said the comments were those of “retrogressive people who still believe that a change in government should necessarily translate in a change of the DG, irrespective of the mandate of his contract”.

The union said although it was aware of the political affiliation of Mr Ampem-Darko, “he did not display this while here, else he would not have succeeded”.

While recognising the right of its members to belong to political parties, the union said that should not be at the expense of the good of the corporation, and asked the workers to use their political influence to advance the cause of GBC and the workforce.

The workers who extolled the virtues of their DG and what he had been able to achieve within his short period at GBC, said that if he had been there earlier “he would have turned things around here for the better.