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27.02.2009 Education

School pupil drowns at Adesu Nkyiase


A 13-year-old pupil of Adesu Nkyiase Primary school, Janet Amoasi got drowned in a swimming pool at Adesu Nkyiase in Wassa Amenfi East District.

An eye-witness account said Janet was seen swimming in the pool during school hours, after some few minutes they realised she was no longer swimming.

He said this attracted the attention of some residents who later found her body floating in the pool.

Some elders in the community informed her father, Mr John Amoasi on phone who reported the incident to Wassa Akropong police.

Mr Amoasi said, he attended a funeral at Wassa Saamang on that fateful day but had a phone call that his daughter had been found dead in a pool.

He said he had a report the previous day that Janet swam in the pool and warned her not to visit the pool side again but she did not heed to his advice and met her untimely death.

The corpse has been deposited at Wassa Akropong Government Hospital for autopsy, while the police continue with investigations.