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27.02.2009 Regional News

Tension rises over trap lights fishing


Tension is mounting among local fishing companies in the Ketu-South District over the use of special trapping lights for fishing in the area.

A section of the fishing companies are in favour of the practice, introduced into the area by foreign fishing vessels, while others are opposed to it claiming it could deplete fish stocks.

About 12 companies at Agavedzi, one of the communities where the practice is dominant, have vowed to continue despite pressures and appeals from other companies.

They said they would only discontinue the practice if government stopped foreign fishing vessels from doing so.

Fishermen and net owners at neighbouring communities of Blekusu-Horvi, Adafienu, Denu, Agorko, Viepe, Amutinu and Adina, backed by the District Chief Fisherman and the community based Fisheries Management Committee have, however, vowed to stop the practice.

A meeting convened by the Aflao District Police on February 13, this year, between the groups ended abruptly because the factions failed to reach an agreement.

On January 10 this year about 25 net owners and chiefs sent a resolution to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), copied to other security agencies, vowing to use all means available to stop the Agavedzi faction from the practice.