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25.02.2009 Regional News



The recent mysterious deaths involving three children at Alogboshie, near Achimota in Accra, which is similar to the one recorded at Anyaa less than three weeks ago has raised a lot of anxiety among residents in the Tema Metropolis.

Most residents in the Metropolis feared that this might be a case of another ritual killer on the loose, since the incident did not appear like a natural occurence. According to most of the residents, all the children involved were boys and under five years of age, and were found in abandoned vehicles.

Speaking in an interview with the paper, Jael Danso, a shop assistant at a Boutique in Community Four (4), stated that this was a clear incident of ritual killings since it was evident that the person or people behind these heinous crime were working with a plan and specifically selected their victims. She continued by saying that every child was at risk and, therefore, called on parents to ensure that their children were well protected by teachers at school or guardians at home.

Miss Jael further stated that teachers should be mindful of the whereabouts of children left in their care such that they do not allow strangers to pick them up.

A level 200 Psychology student of the University of Ghana, Legon, Ms. Mavis Teye suspects that some foreigners are behind the killings. She explained that these incidents were very common in the country sometime ago and appeared to have re-surfaced.

She prayed that if the people behind these terrible acts are found out, instant justice must be meted out to them.

According to James Dodoo, a Tema based Surveyor, he was still not sure as to what was really going on since it was only an autopsy which could show whether the children died out of suffocation or somebody had a hand in it.

“All children under the age of eighteen must be put under strict supervision and all of them must be put in the care of trusted relatives”, he added.

Mr. Dodoo stated that parents who do not have time for their kids must cultivate the habit of checking on them at school and picking them up right after work.

A form three student of Chemu Senior High School, Charles Bransah said “this is a very serious issue and so the government must pay more attention to it, because the situation will persist if drastic action is not taken on the issue”. He also advised that parents and teachers must be educated on how to keep close watch on their children.