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25.02.2009 General News

More Calls for an end to child instituitionalization in Ghana

By Ameyaw Debrah -
More Calls for an end to child instituitionalization in Ghana
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OrphanAid Africa (OA) has managed to take photos depicting the de-humanising impact of institutionalization on some orphans/children. These photos were taken recently at Deladem Orphanage in the Volta Region of Ghana. These children were malnourished and living under terrible conditions when the OA team found them.

According to OA, this kind of abuse on a massive scale only takes place in institutions because they are closed to the outside world. OA therefore is calling for an end to institutionalisation being the main care alternative in Ghana. They are also calling for support for the Depart of Social Welfare and the Care Reform Initiative to make this kind of abuse a thing of the past. Lisa Lovatt-Smith, President OrphanAid Ghana has also stated that DSW are on their way to close Deladem Orphanage down.

OrphanAid Africa is non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its aim is to support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through programs in care reform, education, and development. Their goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection.

OA promotes the rights of children and families by, giving cash transfers, educational and health support to OVC and their families; creating an enabling environment for de-institutionalization; ensuring that tracing and reunification are the first priority for children in institutional care; creating awareness about the dangers of institutional care for children and the advantages of family-based care.