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February 12, 2002 | General News

"Expose foreign sex racketeers" – Prof Dzobo

A former Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, Rev Prof N.K. Dzobo, has appealed to the government to take resolute steps to forestall the influx of foreign sex racketeers posing as investors. Commenting on recent reports about some young Ghanaian women using the postal services and the Internet to mail their nude photographs to single men in Europe for money, Prof Dzobo said, “the sex industry will not help our national development efforts. It is rather going to destroy the positive steps we are taking to build our country.” He said sex is meant to bring a new life into the world and not for commercial purposes. According to the former moderator, the sex racketeers in Europe, who are now poised to invade Africa, are being backed by powerful organizations and individuals “including senators.” Sadly, some of our own people are helping the sex maniacs to destroy our society, by accepting to work as their agents, for paltry gains,” he added. He referred to a visit to Ho, a few weeks ago, by a group of Europeans who claimed to be investors, but later turned out to be members of a sex racket who were assigned to recruit teenage boys for desperate homosexuals. He said, “something grave is going to happen to this country if steps are not taken to fight this abomination.” Rev Prof Dzobo pointed out that the activities of the sex racketeers is also undermining the government’s efforts to control the HIV/AIDS scourge, and warned that “a time will come when the future generations will only be reduced to mere survivors and not inheritors.” He said it is time the churches intensified their crusades against narcotics and sex trade, as well as HIV/AIDS, which he described as the real devils, rather than “an imaginary devil somewhere.” Rev Prof Dzobo also touched on tourism, and said the development of the sector should be handled with utmost care, “as this will open our doors to all manner of people from the outside world.” He said the freedom being enjoyed by the people as a result of the democratic dispensation should not be misinterpreted to mean “freedom to democratise sex”, because the present generation does not have the right to destroy the country through reckless sex.

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