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23.02.2009 Editorial

Osono Will Surely Be Back

By Daily Guide

“Even the youth grow tired and weary. Even young men stumble and fall. But those who trust in Onyankopon would renew their strength. They would soar on wings like eagles. They would walk and never grow faint,” says the scriptures.

Even in defeat, members of the Osono family converged on the Trade Fair Site to thank Almighty Onyankopon for his grace and mercy. How refreshing! It was also refreshing to see Osono supporters wake up from their slumber after the shock and painful defeat they suffered at the hands of their political rivals, Zu-za.

Osono paraphernalia, which vanished from the capital after the declaration of the 'omanpanin' results on January 3, have resurfaced, bringing hope to the Osono fraternity.

No words could be more comforting and encouraging than those from their flag bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo: “We should be thankful to Onyankopon and to many, many members and supporters whose hard work has brought us this far.

We really need to appreciate their contribution, as we get ready for 2012. We shall definitely be back. Indeed, we can, we should, we must and we would; really we shall be back. Where we are is not where we belong and this is not our limit; the sky is the limit and with a unity of strength, there is no way we can fail.” 

The 'thank you' tours too have helped to purge the sullenness and moroseness in the hearts of members of the Osono family. The crowds that welcomed Nana's entourage everywhere it went was a clear manifestation that the Osono is down but definitely not out.

Nana has indeed hit the nail right on the head because Osono's position at the moment is not where it belongs. I'm one of the few who believe Osono didn't lose the recent 'kokromoti' exercise but rather surrendered power on a silver platter.

Many political analysts have assigned various reasons for Osono's defeat at the recent polls. Some were complacency, arrogance and JAK's lack of commitment to Nana's cause. Some even claimed Nana lost because his message did not resonate with the electorate.

My superstitious mind, however, would not accept any of the above reasons. It tells me Nana lost because he was destined to win only on a second try, and become the second Nana to ascend the highest throne of the land, after his daddy. Remember he won the mandate of his party on a second try?

I have a hunch Osono would perpetually be in opposition if it makes the mistake of dumping him for another candidate at its next congress.

At the Trade Fair interdenominational church service, I saw grass root members of the Osono family carrying placards that read, “No primaries for 2012, Nana all the way”, “Nana is the man, obiaa se eye” and many others that implied Nana was still their man for 2012.

I soliloquized when I saw the zeal and passion on their faces: “Are the executives who seem to be living in utopia listening?”

I asked because most political pundits believe the executives' failure to heed the call and concerns of the grass root members was one of the factors that led Osono to its present predicament. Not to talk of the 17-candidate-spending-spree that attracted a lot of disdain for the party during the December 2007 congress. A repeat would no doubt add to the woes of the party.

However, 'menuanom' with religious eyes are viewing the loss with different lenses. Just like Rev. Prof Appiah-Poku who sermonized at the Osono thanksgiving service, a 'kristosom' friend also likened Osono's acceptance of defeat to the compassionate mother who allowed her child to be given to another woman so she could save her child's life; but later regained the custody of her child due to the wise judgment of King Solomon.

“The wise judgment of Asomdwekromanians would certainly bring Osono back to power in 2012,” he added.

There is no doubt in my mind Osono would sooner than later assume the leadership of Asomdwekrom again. As to whether it would be 2012 would be dependent on its ability to stomach the recent defeat, be united, avoid the blame game, bickering, in-fighting and pull-him-down attitude among themselves for parochial interest.

I say so believing that it would be very difficult for the present 'omanpanin', Agya Atta, to fill the big shoes JAK had left. As human as he is, Don Barima JAK made mistakes during his 8-year rule.

Nevertheless, no one can deny the fact that his reign has brought smiles on the faces of many. His achievements need not be chronicled here because they are visible enough for all to see.   

A friend who was an appointee in the JAK administration, took offence when I said Osono's loss at the recent poll was more of a blessing than curse.

“Is it the humiliation of seizing Nana Addo's personal car in the full glare of public or the persecution and harassment our party members are going through that make it a blessing? ” he quizzed in a very angry tone. Indeed, that is the response of most Osono activists any time they are told their loss is a blessing. My question to them is; have they ever heard the saying,

“One does not know the value of what they have until they lose it?” For if they have, they would realize the only way Asomdwekromanians could appreciate JAK's government better is by tasting the sweetness or otherwise of Agya Atta's government.

After all, it is not the number of times one falls that matters, but how well one rises after each fall. They should also not be downhearted because when life shuts one door, it opens a window for one to jump in or out.

Meanwhile, I wish to add my voice to the call on all Osono members and supporters to be steadfast in the face of the persecution and humiliation being meted out to them.

They should also remove that coat of gentility and match Zu-za members boot-for-boot in 'patapaaism', because that is the language they understand better. I also urge them to heed Nana's call and start healing the self-inflicted wounds that caused them the coveted 'omanpanin' trophy, to prove to all doubting Kwabenas and Abenas that they will surely be back in 2012. I pray that they heed the voice of good counsel so they would rescue Asomdwekromanians from the hands of the sweet-tongued but incompetent lot in 2012, because the ecominy, sorry, economy is getting worse by the day.

See you next week for more 'nkomo'.

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