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21.02.2009 Regional News

Chief survives attack from lion

Chief survives attack from lion

Togbe Dzamesi II, Chief of Adaklu-Wuakpe near Wumenu in the Volta Region, who claimed to have engaged a lion in a 45 minute duel in the bush at Wuakpe on Friday, is on admission at the Volta Regional Hospital in Ho with multiple deep wounds.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview at the Volta Regional Hospital, Togbe Dzamesi, 54, said he went to the bush together with his two sons, aged 15 and 20, when the incident occurred.

The chief, who sustained serious injurious on his left arm and left thigh with other minor injuries all over his body said they had gone there to survey the area for clearing towards the farming season.

He said while the children rested under the canopy of some trees as he (the chief) took a walk round the area to assess work to be done, he encountered the beast.

Togbe Dzamesi said the distance between him and the lion was about 10 meters as it strode towards him.

He said he quickly removed his gun and shot it in the head, sending it to the ground.

Togbe Dzamesi said before he could take a step, the lion pounced on him, pulling him to the ground, wounding him in the process.

He said he, however, blocked the claws of the lion with his two arms and “glued” his body to that of the lion making it difficult for it to devour him.

Togbe Dzamesi said after some struggling, the lion planted its teeth deep into his left arm, tearing it apart and tried to also bite deep into his thigh but just as it was about to do that, he hit its jaw with his right arm.

Togbe Dzamesi said the lion appeared dazed and after a few minutes, loosened its grip on him after, which he (Togbe Dzamesi) managed to get to where his children were and was taken home and later to the hospital.

He said Fulani herdsmen had earlier informed the communities in the area about animals they suspected to be lions devouring their cattle.

Nurses on duty at the Hospital said Togbe Dzamesi is responding to treatment and assured that he would get better soon.

Meanwhile, Mr George Asamoah, Manager of Kalakpa Resource Reserve of the Wildlife Division of Forestry Commission said his outfit was investigating the incident.

He said officials had been dispatched to the Hospital to access the type of canine and claw injuries on the victim, claiming wild cats could be in the area.