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20.02.2009 Regional News

Tension in Odododiodio

By theghanaianjourna
Tension in Odododiodio

Trouble is brewing up in the Odododiodioo Constituency, one of the swing constituencies in the Greater Accra Region, which has the potential to escalate, and claim unimaginable lives and properties.

This follows a chieftaincy dispute between the Nii Ayi-Bonte II faction and the Nii Okaidja III faction, all of the Gbese clan, over which one has the right and mandate to lay claim to the Gbese Mantse stool. The dispute, which is six month old, and pending before the law court, has already led to some bloody clashes between the two feuding factions.

However, latest intelligence gathered by Today points to a frightening situation where plans are far advanced by the two factions to launch a major onslaught on each other, in an attempt to occupy the palace. This, our findings established, was based on the theory of 'might rules'.

Very reliable sources in the constituency have hinted this paper that both factions are piling up small fire arms, clubs, machetes and other offensive weapons in anticipation for the onslaught. And, these ammunitions were discreetly smuggled into the area late in the night, where most people were asleep, and also to avoid detection by security agencies.

This development, the sources indicated, has created panic and fear amongst the residents in the constituency, especially the old folks. It has further led to a situation where most constituents who live within the Odododiodioo community are compelled to retire to their beds as early as practicable, particularly as they are mindful of the fact that each of the parties can strike at anytime.

Consequently, the pending chieftaincy dispute has also taken a different dimension where many of the youths in the constituency are involved. The serious aspect of this situation is that the youth, who have identified themselves with one of the camps, have been used as tools to perpetuate crimes, which include looting and burning of shops and stores.

The sources alleged that whilst supporters of Nii Ayi-Bonte II, [who in private life is known as Mr Tommy Okine], the acting chief currently are silent and calm on the matter, the supporters of the other chief, Nii Okaidja III, popularly known as Mantse Akpitsi, and also believes it has dawned on him to ascend to the stool, are burnt on causing mayhem in the area.

The sources further alleged that, the supporters of Mantse Akpitsi, who are mainly land guards, have been brought into the constituency to cause destruction to lives and properties. The sight of them always creates tension as residents are conscious of their mission in the constituency.

The sources told this reporter that not even the presence of the James Town District Police at the Gbese Mantse Palace, who are on guard 24/7, is enough to ward off the impending war between the two factions, as each faction is determined to implement its plans to the latter.

Speaking with some of the residents, most of who were apprehensive, they called on the security agencies to look into the matter and flush out people who have been charged to foment trouble in the constituency.

According to them, the development in the area is not in the best interest of the constituents, and, therefore, called on both factions to exercise restraint since the matter is pending before the court.

Since last month the two factions have clashed on three consecutive times in the constituency, and all these incidents have claimed lives and led to the destruction of properties, running into millions of Ghana cedis.

Ato Keelson /TODAY Newspaper