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19.02.2009 Editorial

Hide And Seek

By Daily Guide

WHEN I first met Edward Salia, I was a budding journalist, eager to work my way up and having realized at an early stage in my career that politicians are key to the development of the journalistic career, I tried to form alliances with some key personalities in politics, and good old Salia was always more than eager to be of assistance in whatever way possible.

Years later, we struck an interesting relationship, of mutual respect and affection; a relationship that was to last for the rest of his days on earth.

To say that his passing was sad for me will be an understatement. Having said that I have been aware of his ill-health lately, and being the kind of man that he was, I have not a shred of doubt that he is resting peacefully in his Maker's bosom.

Now on issues at hand, I listened to the free Gyimah movement. I found the composition of the group rather interesting. I mean, who would have thought that the same group of people who fought for the freedom of Tsikata will fight for the freedom of Gyimah? 

No doubt, this goes to show that there are some people in this country will go to any length to defend what they believe in. Whatever it is, one would have thought that the days of witch-hunting were long gone. More fool me! 

This leads me to wonder who may go to jail if the law of causing financial loss mania hits our courts. I can see a certain Mugu Yaro heading towards Nsawam. So can I see some whiskers, and who knows, maybe Telbars, may join in for the company. But is this what we voted for when Ghanaians asked for change?

The claims that the ex-gratia letter did not emanate from the castle puts a new twist on the whole saga. So where is the letter coming from?

And what exactly is being insinuated? God help all of us; I don't particularly like where this is going. In any case if anyone is found to have done something wrong, they must be made to face the full rigours of the law. Until then, we just have to let them be!

I have also heard that the NPP has officially backed out of all activities to do with the ongoing transition efforts. This is amidst allegations that the government transition team is painting a bad picture of the former government. Already there is talk that some over 39 vehicles have gone missing from workshops and you know who is being accused.

Of course, the elephant has asked its supporters to treat the final transition as one-sided. But is this what we bargained for when we voted last year? I don't think so!

Oh and what foolishness! Why did those nitwits have to go and snatch Nana Addo's car? It sounds rather stupid to me, given the kind of political terrain we are experiencing at the moment. It is a good thing though that President Atta Mills has apologized to Nana Akuffo-Addo for the embarrassment.

The Presidential Spokesperson, Mahama Ayariga's excuse was that this happened because the NDC Administration found out that some ex-members of Parliament and public service personnel are still using government vehicles, so they took that initiative in order to retrieve those cars.

Ayariga said further that the administration has some people in the National Security who are helping to retrieve the government vehicles, but this time, they made a mistake by seizing Nana Addo's car.

My point is, is that the proper way of doing things? Is it not possible to do things in a manner that will not generate negative comments and annoy people? The umbrella better be careful, four years is such a short time and who knows what Ghanaians will do if we the umbrella fails to live up to expectation. Me, I will be here watching and ready with my pen.

What unfortunate times for Ghana, why has the world oil prices decided to drop just when we have discovered oil? And why is our cedi on a free fall? God help us!  Already I hear the inflation rate is in double digits and rising very quickly. Could it be that we are doing something wrong? Or is it that we are not doing anything at all?

So the times are moving ahead and some of the ministers have taken their positions. Congratulations to Sena Dansua. Now, there is a woman after my own heart; humble smart and up to the task. But some of the nominations, I cannot particularly understand; I mean, why do we insist on recycling people?

Are we saying that the newer talent that this country is producing cannot take charge of the country's affairs?

Oh and I hate the fact that vetting will soon come to an end. I mean who doesn't enjoy when otherwise confident adults melt before a committee all in the name of some positions? The things people do for posts! And I think the new chairman is not doing too badly.

However there is no one like Freddie Blay and times like these bring home the fact that there are some really seasoned talents out there which we mustn't leave to go to waste just because they lost an election.

And why did the new chairman continue to overrule comments and questions from committee members? I mean I appreciate him trying to show his hawkish side but has our country's politics not gone beyond strictly towing party lines?

Na wa o!
Ei and 6th March is fast approaching. I wonder what preparations are being done for the celebrations. Having condemned the events of previous independence celebrations, will they have the heart to spend any of our country's hard earned cash on this year's celebrations at all?

In any case, how much will be enough and who determines when the spending is too much? You know what the Gas say; when you kneel to stare at someone behind, another person will be doing the same to you…

By Aly Poku

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