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19.02.2009 Feature Article

Alas! Yazid is Reborn

Last days, a video was issued by the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda. In this video, an Al Qaeda commander Mustafa Abu Al Yazid was shown spitting out poison against India, the US & Pakistan administration. This fundamentalist leader named Yazid issued the threats which were self-contradictory. On one side, he advised & threatened the Pak administration & Pak army to not to cooperate with the US & at the same time, it warned the Indian army that if it tries to attack Pakistan, it will face the same fate as Soviet army had met in Afghanistan. In this case, he said that warriors of the Al Qaeda & the Taliban would jointly fight against India. He also warned that there will be more attacks in India on the lines of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Here it is necessary to state that he is the same Al Qaeda commander Mustafa, who was claimed to be killed by the Pakistan army in an attack. But last days, Yazid issued a video tape that revealed that he is still alive & not dead.

Whereas the name Yazid is concerned, about 1400 years ago, the then Syrian ruler Yazid was the first to start terrorism in Islam by mercilessly killing the near relatives of Prophet. He killed Imam Husain & his family members. After that the Muslims in the world stopped to name their newborns as Yazid. Similarly as in India, people may name the new born babies as Rama, Laxman or like that but they avoid to name the new born as Ravana. Similarly, nowhere in the world, the Muslims name their children as Yazid. But as the man Abu Al Yazid has issued a tape which is anti-human & anti-Islam, it means that Yazid has not died yet, he is still alive. There is no doubt that the name Yazid is still acceptable & "Yazidi" thoughts are spreading their paws even today.

Whereas the question of Al Qaeda & Taliban is concerned, both of these are the two different sides of the same coin that is terrorism. Both of these organizations are in favour of extreme fundamentalism & dream of to rule over the self styled Islamic empire in the world. In fact they were fully encouraged when the Taliban in Afghanistan were helped by the US to root out the Soviet army. During this struggle of the cold war, the US was successful in its policy & got Afghanistan free from the influence of the Soviet Union. What position the Taliban will take, perhaps it was not even thought of by the then policymakers in the US. Today the combined network of the Taliban & the Al Qaeda along with them dozens of the terrorist organizations that work under the directions of these have become a great headache to the peace loving citizens of the world. These organizations have a vast store of weapons. Had it not been so, how commander like Yazid could have imagined challenging the great army of the big country like India.

To be remembered that when Osama Bin Laden proved a headache for the US in the initial period, then the US put pressure on Saudi Arabia & got Osama extricated from Arab. Then the active organization named the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, which was afterwards known as Taliban had its chief Mullah Mohammad Omar who gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. From then, the relations between Taliban & Al Qaeda became cordial. And the relations grew so sweet that Mullah Omar married one of his daughters to Osama Bin Laden. Al Qaeda & Taliban joined with the local groups & made the Soviet army to leave Afghanistan. The terrorist leaders took it as their great victory. This incident not only encouraged the Taliban but it also enabled them to capture a large stone of ammunition. There were also weapons that the US had given to Taliban for using against the Soviet Army. They also captured those tanks & weapons that the Soviet Army had left there while leaving that place.

Although the Taliban's mission cooled down for some time after the 9/11 attack on the US. The NATO army under the leadership of the US with the help of Northern Alliance uprooted the Taliban. But soon they regained the strength. After getting strength again, Taliban under a new policy is gathering a new stock of weapons. Under this policy wherever & on which army they make hidden attacks, they capture their weapons first. This way, the Taliban have gathered a vast store of ammunitions. About the ammunition, a strange fact is coming out. The US sends a large store of ammunition & weapons for the use of the NATO forces to use in Afghanistan. But according to a report, there is no account of the ammunition & weapons there. Thousands of these weapons that contain pistols, machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, mortars, rockets etc. are there that are not in account. There is also a thought that the Taliban fighters may be occupying these armaments that are to be used against them.

Probably the increasing power of Taliban, their bravery, their fearlessness & their environment is forcing the US to think over its policy again over Afghanistan to reach on a final turn. But along with the other American efforts, it is also necessary to unarm the Taliban. Besides, it is also necessary for the world to understand that a person named Yazid in the organization & the movement, who is calling for the Islamic welfare, is in fact concerned with the "Yazidian" thoughts. He is not representative of the real Islam whose foundation stone was laid by the Prophet Mohammad & the plant was watered with the blood by his relatives- Husain & his family. Islam that gives an example of being liberal, equality & brotherhood in the world & not to bow before untruth has no connection with the cruel "Yazidian" thoughts.

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