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17.02.2009 Social News

Ataa Aryee objects to prosecution’s line of questioning


Aryee Aryeetey, aka Ataa Ayi, who is currently serving two separate jail terms for robberies was on Tuesday brought to the Accra Fast Track High Court on fresh charges of conspiracy and robbery.

Ataa Ayi, who seems to be familiar with the processes of the court,

raised an objection to the prosecutor's questions to a witness in the case.

He felt the witness was being spoon-fed hence raised up his hand and objected to the line of questioning.

“My Lord, the way the witness is being directed by the prosecution is improper,” Atta Ayee, who is without a counsel, said in Ga.

The Court obliged and ordered the prosecutor to adhere to the rules of

the court.
The witness, Mr Sam M. Darko, a 78 year-old former Accountant of Capital Refrigeration Limited based in Accra, was being led in evidence by Mr. Asiamah Sampong, Principal State Attorney.

He was giving an account of how Ataa Aryee and three others robbed him

at gun point at Osu after he had withdrawn 15 million cedis (GH¢1,500 cedis) from Barclays Bank, Osu, on July 24, 2004.

The witness who seems to have forgotten the name of his former work place and amount involved among other things had to be reminded by the prosecutor of details of the events.

However, when it got to Ataa Aryee's turn to cross-examine the witness,

he said he had no question to ask.
Others standing trial with Ataa Aryee are Michael Tagoe, aka Nii Armah, Prince Issac Arthur, aka Mustapha, now deceased, and Mohammed Musa Azangbego, aka Madi.

The three have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and robbery and they

have been remanded into prison custody.
Michael Tagoe, an accomplice, who was also without a lawyer, went ahead

to cross examine the witness.
Answering questions, Mr Darko said on the day of the incident, Tagoe crossed, pushed and snatched his money.

He dismissed Tagoe's assertion that if he had pushed him, he would have been dead by now.

Led in evidence earlier, Mr Darko said on July 24, 2004, his Managing Director gave him a cheque to cash at the Osu Branch of Barclays Bank in Accra.

The witness said when he presented the cheque, the cashier of the Bank paid him in small denominations. According to the witness, he requested that some of it be changed into bigger denominations and this was done.

Mr Darko said a few meters away from the bank, Tagoe crossed him, pushed him and he fell.

Witness said as he and Tagoe struggled over the money one of the robbers who, he said, was not among the accused in court, whispered to him (Darko) and as he turned, Tagoe collected the money and they sped off.

Mr Darko said he did not see Musa and Ataa Aryee because they were in a big vehicle.

The prosecution has it that on July 24, 2004 Mr Darko went to the Osu branch of Barclays Bank and withdrew 15 million cedis (GH¢1,500 cedis) for Capital Refrigeration, a firm based in Accra.

The prosecution said as the complainant was returning to his office, Tagoe came out of a Honda Civic car with registration number AS 3078 S which was being used by the accused persons.

Tagoe, the prosecution said, walked to the complainant, pushed him down and picked up the money.

The complainant attempted to raise the alarm but Ataa Ayee came out of

the car and pointed his AK47 rifle at him.
Tagoe and Ataa Aryee joined their colleagues in the car and bolted with the money.

The prosecution said on August 24, 2004, Tahoe was arrested and during Police investigation, he admitted the offence and mentioned the names of other accused persons, who also admitted the offence when they were arrested.