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17.02.2009 Health

Drivers and local clinic collaborate to prevent maternal deaths


The Nyive Health Centre near Ho has for the past three years recorded zero cases of pregnancy related deaths as local drivers are ready 24 hours to transport emergency cases to hospitals in Ho.

The arrangement with the drivers was initiated by Miss Dorothy Adzomah, the Midwife in charge of the Centre.

Nyive is 45 minutes drive east of Ho and its roads are bad especially during the rainy season.

Miss Adzomah told the GNA on Monday that despite education through health talks in communities some pregnant women still reported at the clinic at advanced stages with no records of antenatal attendance.

She expressed the hope that the free delivery package would result in a further increase in antenatal attendance.

Mr George Latu, a driver who runs the Ho/Nyive route, said he had been on call from the clinic twice in the night to take pregnant women on referral to hospitals in Ho.

He said because of the absence of telecommunication facilities in the area, such messages were normally carried to them by the midwife or her emissaries.

Mr Latu said most drivers in the area had been sensitized on the nature of maternal cases and would be ready help at all times.

He said in several cases drivers took the patients to the hospital waited after their discharge before demanding payment.