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16.02.2009 General News

Would Kintampo, the centre of Ghana, be neglected again?


Dear editor, thank you for granting me the chance to express my views on the triumphant entry of the Messiah, Prof. Mills, onto the highest seat of government.

When all things seem to come to a standstill, when our days were full of trials and temptations, when every thing we did were badly commented on by those who discouraged us, I then heard in the howling wind, a faint voice saying, “worry not, your time would soon come.”

The question is, is this the time, or Kintampo would be neglected again?

At long last, the battle is ended. How did it happen? This question is left in the minds of a million people, unanswered.

Let us all bear in mind that the triumphant entry into government by the Messiah, Prof. Mills, and John D. Mahama was not by chance, but a blessing from the most high, and also the faithfulness and loyalty exhibited by the people of Kintampo in all these electoral years.

With this, the three pragmatic reasons why Kintampo should be reciprocated with at least two ministerial appointments are as follows:

To begin with, Kintampo, as the centre of Ghana, is blessed with faithfulness and loyalty to a one and only political party (National Democratic Congress, NDC) and a no go area for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“Moneycracy” played a very useful role in most constituencies, which usually led to a regular change or dynamism of Members of Parliament (MP) and the trends of voting. However, voting in Kintampo is not like that, but what you can trust.

In addition to the above, Kintampo, as a transit destination, I believe it is now time for the municipality to receive its or her befitting status it deserves.

This has been one of the numerous things or projects the sitting MPs have been fighting for, but to no avail.

Finally, Kintampo, the centre of Ghana, needs to enjoy the constitutional obligations or the rights of cabinet ministerial appointments, as entrenched and bestowed by the 1992 Constitution. With the above, I still believe that the trend of voting in Kintampo and its environs, is still based on who you can trust, and who can help in the provision of adequate academic facilities in the two senior high schools (Jema and Kintampo Senior High Schools respectively), and also solve problems with our immotorable roads, inadequate electricity facilities and unemployment.

To sum up, we still stand by the solemn pledge of the two constituencies, to be faithful and loyal to the messiah, and the party as well.

But, we would be very pleased if the two Johns, one of which has a wife from the Kintampo south (Ampoma), would appreciate the toil and efforts of the two constituencies with two ministerial appointments (Hon. Stephen Kunsu and Yaw Effah Baafi)

My fear, therefore, is that we cannot continue to stand public ridicule, I, therefore, crave your indulgence to treat this humble request with the necessary attention and recommendation it deserves.

I trust and still believe in the two Johns.
Agbemafo Atsu, Tutor, Jema Senior High School, Kintampo South