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16.02.2009 General News

Government Debunks Media Report

By ISD (Zakari Musah)

The Government, yesterday refuted the allegation carried out by some media organisations in Accra that the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), has refused to respect the decision by the Court to grant bail to Managing Director of the National Investment Bank, Mr Kofi Gyimah.

'The truth of the matter is that the court announced the decision to grant bail on condition that the accused person provides four sureties and one of them at least must provide property valued at not less than 500 000 US dollars,' the government stated.

Mr Mahama Ayariga, Government Spokesperson, was speaking to Journalists at the Golden Jubilee Launch at the Airport in Accra after the arrival of Liberian President, Mrs Ellen Johnson Sir-Leaf.

Mr Kofi Gyimah was arrested last week by the BNI for allegedly causing financial loss to the state to a tune of about 60 million US dollars.
Mr Ayarigah explained that the lawyers came with four sureties with property valued at about 500, 000 US dollars but belonging to the accused person.

'The BNI told them that, that was not the condition. The condition is that one of the four sureties should produce a property value about 500,000 US dollars and since the property belongs to the accused person, it does not meet the terms of condition of the bail,' he emphasised.

The Spokesperson said, the BNI asked them to go back and meet the condition, saying 'It is not a refusal by the BNI to respect the decision of the court but it is the refusal of the accused person to meet the condition of the bail.

This has led to the accused person's continued staying at the custody of the BNI,' Mr Ayarigah said.