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15.02.2009 General News

Moderator urges Ghanaians to eschew ethnic sentiments


-Right Reverend Dr Yaw Frimpong-Manso, Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, on Sunday urged Ghanaians to avoid ethnic sentiments that tend to create disunity in society.

“The ethnic sentiments that continue to generate flames at various parts of the country must give way to reconciliation and respect for one another”

Right Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso was delivering a sermon on the theme: ”The cleansing hand of Jesus, ”during the dedication of a new church building at New Achimota, constructed by the Salvation Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana .

He said the ethnic group to which one belonged is a divine act and despising any ethnic group was an indictment on God's plan.

“The church is important because God does not save people in isolation so an important part of what needs to be restored is our relationship with other people and we can do this best as we unite fully with the Lord in a covenant relationship,” he said.

Right Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso urged Christians to seek God's guidance in achieving their goals in life instead of bemoaning their weaknesses and past failures.

He said Christians can only overcome social and spiritual evils when they put on the whole amour of God.

“The forces of evil that assail us today such as armed robbery, alcoholism, occultism and ethnocentrism are too real to be ignored and we are powerless over the demons that afflict us with these evils so we need Jesus who has a superior power to help us,” he said.

Right Rev. Dr. Frimpong-Manso advised Christians to humble themselves and obey God in order to accept mercy and blessings.

“No Christian should even think that he or she is totally independent and does not need help from others and no one should feel excused from the task of helping others and the body of Christ, which is the church, functions well when members work for the common good,” he said.