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13.02.2009 General News

Chiefs to rediscover historical values for development


Mamaga Ngoyifiaga Akosua 1, Paramount Queen of SASADU Traditional Areas (Saviefe, Akrofu, Sovie and Alavanyo) , has called on traditional authorities to lead the crusade to rediscover what was valuable in their history and their relevance to the present and future progress of society.

This, she said, was necessary for unity, development, identity and progress.

Mamaga Akosua, known in private life as Cornelia von Wulfing, was presenting a copy of “Das Ewe-Und SASADU”, a German transcription of "The Ewe Nation and SASADU-A Brief History" authored and published in Ghana by Mr Paul Kwami Dzathor.

Both the German and original versions have 10 chapters. The book depicts the sojourn of the Ewes from Notsie, in the Republic of Togo.

Mamaga Akosua said she decided to transcribe the book into German as a development project and to underline the historical colonial ties between the Volta Region and Germany for the education of posterity.

She said she was optimistic that her initiative would help preserve and consolidate ancestral bonds in terms of values, norms and belief systems for present and future generations.

"If you know where you are coming from, then you would know where you are going", she said.

"Time was when the history of the African descent was authored by the colonial masters, through their spectacles to suit them", she said.

Mamaga Akosua said oral tradition has remained as a vibrant source of historical information and must be harnessed.

She said proceeds from the sale of the book would be invested in the development of the Volta Region especially SASADU communities comprising Saviefe, Akrofu, Sovie and Alavanyo.