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13.02.2009 Crime & Punishment

Court bonds stepson


A Hohoe Circuit has bonded Mawuko Adek, unemployed, to be of good behaviour for 12 months for threatening to kill his stepfather, Mr Justine Adekpornya, and his mother Madam Emma Dzandu.

He would pay a 1,000 Ghana cedis fine in default or serve six months in prison in hard labour.

Adek faced two counts of threatening to kill Mr Adekpornya and his wife with a cutlass and of unlawfully entering the room of Mr Adekpornya.

Adek, who was earlier granted bail, had the case against him discontinued for demonstrating ample remorse that Mr Adekpornya communicated to the court.

Police Chief Inspector Samuel Gbedemah told the court that Adek went berserk and forced his stepfather's door open and parked his things into it.

Mr Gbedemah said Madam Dzandu who was frightened by Adek's behaviour locked herself in her room as Adek banged on her door screaming “I will kill you and Justine”.